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No need to wait until the new year to start a checklist of health and wellness essentials.  Fall is a great time to start ticking some things off before the holiday season gets crazy and overwhelming.  It is a great way to go into the new year with some accomplishments already under your belt.

Schedule the Essentials: Get your mammogram, colonoscopy, dental cleaning, PAP smear, skin cancer screening, physical, etc., scheduled.  Whatever preventative care appointments you need, get them on the books.  If you have already met your health or dental insurance deductibles, getting in before the end of the year may save you money.  Do not forget about your vaccinations either.  Ask your provider about anything you may need (flu shots, tetanus, shingles, booster shots).

Check Your Medications, Supplements, and Vitamins: Many people do not think to check expiration dates on pill bottles.  Go through your medicine pantry and check the dates and quality.  This is especially true for liquid supplements (fish oil, flaxseed oil, etc.).  If you notice an odd smell or something has not been properly sealed, it is best to be on the safe side and throw it out.  Also, be sure to check the number of refills on prescription medications, since some providers will require an in-office visit in order to renew the medication.

As for vitamins, use this time to ensure they are being stored properly.  The optimal storage conditions for vitamins are a cool, dry place with consistent temperatures from 59-77 degrees F.  Although many people find the bathroom the most convenient place for storage, the temperature and humidity unfortunately fluctuates greatly and can impede quality.  A linen cabinet, walk in closet, or a dressing area are better options.  The ideal situation is to use a weekly vitamin dispenser and store the bigger bottles away.  GreenLite Tip: If you do a weekly food prep day, it is super easy to add the quick task of loading your weekly vitamin and supplement case.  Done and done!

Flexible Spending Account: Now is the time to go through all of your receipts from this year’s medical weight management to see if anything is applicable.  It is also smart to figure out how much money you plan to spend on medical weight management in 2018 and plan accordingly.  Usually, FSA accounts are a “use it or lose it” system, so funds need to be used by the end of the year.

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