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We are unique with our personal challenges in losing weight and keeping it off. You need a personalized program to help you navigate and figure out what works for your unique metabolism and health conditions, as well as your personal challenges and lifestyle.

Having a trusting relationship with your health coach and medical expert gives you the advantage and the confidence to take the steps and see results. The personalized support, aligned with your desire to change, will propel and empower you to reach your goal. As many of us know, weight loss is hard to do, especially alone. We are there with you.

Forget any skepticism you may have about weight loss programs. My results are proof that Greenlite is the real deal. I make no time to exercise, I work with a continually stressful schedule, I travel and dine out with clients frequently, and my family DNA is preset to “heavy”. My coach is Holly and she is amazing, and every other staff member from the receptionist to the doctors to the other coaches I’ve seen are all so obviously devoted in their service of my health. Try them. You won’t be disappointed. -Josh


From the moment you open the door, we want to make sure that you feel safe and supported. We understand that your first visit can feel overwhelming and emotional. Our physician and educators will spend one-on-one time with you to assess your current health and guide you through our program: a nutritionally balanced, low-carb weight loss plan.

Here’s what to expect on your first visit:
-Overview with your educator
-Measurements – weight, body composition, EKG, waist
-Medical provider consultation and your personal program design
-Medication as indicated, such as appetite suppressants
-Supplemental injections, such as MIC w/ B12
-Complementary 30 day supply of pharmaceutical-grade Multivitamins and Chromium

When I first walked in, it just felt warm, felt like home. I had previously done weight loss programs before and always felt embarrassed to step on a scale in front of people. At GreenLite, my health educator made me feel at home.”   –Kimberly

[GreenLite] was
the best choice towards making a healthy lifestyle change because it taught me how to get the best nutrients from real food and vitamins, as opposed to prepackaged meals. That’s something in the long haul I knew would help me stabilize my weight once I reached my goal.-Kimberly



The key to long-term success is learning how to choose and prepare meals that are healthy and nutritionally-balanced. From day one, you’ll eat food that’s easy to access and prepare.

[GreenLite] was the best choice towards making a healthy lifestyle change because it taught me how to get the best nutrients from real food and vitamins, as opposed to prepackaged meals. That’s something in the long haul I knew would help me stabilize my weight once I reached my goal.-Kimberly


We believe that the weight loss process is an entire mind-body transformation. We understand that you might feel vulnerable so we set out to develop a relationship of trust with you.

Your health educator is your point of contact at GreenLite, and, unlike other programs, you are welcome to select the educator with whom you feel the most comfortable and stay with her throughout your journey.

“From the first day I walked in, she zeroed in on my habits and I immediately bonded with her […] Not only does she go above and beyond to help you but she has a great sense of humor making any topic I approach her with enjoyable. I don’t think I would have been able to continue dropping pounds every week without my personal cheerleader […]” – Kathryn


Your weekly visits are important as they allow us to evaluate your progress, keep you on track, and offer any guidance to help you through any personal struggles or obstacles.

By working with your health educator weekly, you can build a relationship that both gives you support and accountability in your weight loss journey.

One of my favorite things about Greenlite Medicine is that although I feel accountable to my health educator, every appointment was about how I was going to make the program work for me. –Stefanie


The medical providers at GreenLite Medicine are experts in obesity medicine and understand how fat metabolism can be affected by age, gender, and other metabolic conditions.

As medical providers, they are able to look at your total health picture as they treat your weight issues. They may utilize FDA approved appetite suppressants to help with hunger, which can be a helpful tool.

Dr. Rugh is wonderful. She really opened my eyes to the “how” and “why” of body chemistry. She exudes a true caring nature, genuinely interested in your story, with absolutely no judgment. Oh, how refreshing!  And by the way, Dr. Rugh pointed out – it is NOT a matter of a “simple math equation” for losing weight. Thank you! -Kim


Once you’ve reached your ideal weight loss, we begin to transition you out of the weight loss phase and adjust you to more realistic daily eating habits.

You’ll learn how to consume just the right amount of calories to maintain your healthy, new weight, and ways to further change your lifestyle for continued success. With the continued support from the GreenLite Medicine team, we will help you maintain your new self.

“I started transition and maintenance the week after Christmas the same year… and still continuing to learn a lot about how I need to live in this new healthy body.” –Shirley


New outlook. New plans. New life. You’ve drastically improved your personal health and are ready to take on the world! But you don’t need to say good-bye to GreenLite for good.

We have a variety of maintenance plans to help you sustain your weight loss. We’re always here to nurture, consult, and educate.*Actual results may vary

“GreenLite doesn’t just take my after picture and send me on my way; they continue to support and guide long after the goal weight has been achieved. That was super important to me…I need this to not be a diet, but a lifestyle change.” –Amanda