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pc-1207686_640Many of us spend one third of our time at work.  Depending on what you do for a living, most of your day could be comprised of sitting in front of a computer.  While this may be necessary for you to perform the functions of your job, incorporating a few workplace health hacks will help you maintain your productivity and enhance your healthy weight-loss program.

Make Your Desk a No Food Zone: Getting time away from your desk is not the only perk associated with finding a neat place to eat lunch.  You are more likely to eat mindlessly if you are in front of a computer.  Taking the time to walk away from your desk and find a designated space to eat lunch gets you moving and gives you the opportunity to enjoy your lunch.  You are more likely to eat foods that are not good for your weight-loss when you are focusing on work instead of what you are consuming.  If you are eating a healthy lunch, you will feel energized and renewed for the second half of your workday.

Get Moving: Instead of sending your coworker down the hall an email to ask a quick question, try popping by that person’s office.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Consider taking a walk around or near the office during your lunch break.  Making sure you are finding time to move at work is important for your weight-loss, physical health, mental clarity, and productivity.  Buy a pedometer, and start keeping track of your daily steps.

Challenge Yourself to Drink More Water: Bring a large water bottle with you to the office.  Use markers that designate times of the day.  Challenge yourself to consume a certain amount of water by different points of the day.  Make it fun, and invite fellow coworkers to do the challenge with you.

Use Healthy Snacks as a Reward: How many times have we rewarded ourselves with a cupcake or some other unhealthy treat for successfully completing a project or just for getting through most of the day?  Treat yourself to healthy snacks that do not contribute to the mid-day slump by adding fruit, nuts, and vegetables to have on hand.  Being prepared will also make you less likely to snack on break room foods that are not part of a healthy weight-loss program.

Incorporate Desk Chair Workouts: While you may not be able to break a real sweat doing an office workout, you are still able to avoid some of the negative effects of sitting at a desk all day.  Start by doing a few stretches at your desk.  Consider bringing hand weights and resistance bands to work.  Small workout equipment is easy to hide in a desk drawer and readily available when you are ready for your mid-afternoon stretch.


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