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Fresh piece of venison on the forest background

Fresh piece of venison on the forest background

Although game meat is a great source of very lean protein, most people in the United States are not familiar with it. By definition, game meat is the flesh of a wild animal or bird that is hunted for food or sport. Game meat is not eaten as much in the United States in comparison to other countries in the world, which is unfortunate considering its excellent benefits. Meat like buffalo, elk, ostrich, rabbit, and venison are not only high in protein but also low in fat and calories. Because of these, these types of meat are great complements to our weight loss program. 

Below is the nutritional data for some common game meats:

Meat (based on 1 ounce)       Protein (g)           Total fat (g)    

  Calories (kcal)

Buffalo                                                        6.2                        .54                           39.4

Elk                                                                6.51                      .25                           39.14

Ostrich                                                       8.28                      .54                          40.28

Rabbit                                                         6.22                      .68                          41.14

Venison                                                      6.74                       .4                             42.57

How to eat it?

Now that you know the fantastic nutritional benefits, here are some basics on how to prepare game meat. Since game meat is so lean, preparation is essential to bringing out all of its natural flavors. Game animals are usually older, exercise freely, and have a more varied diet than the meat we are used to eating. Therefore, preparation is different than your garden‐variety organic chicken breast.

The best way to enhance their flavor is to use a brining technique that will work in your weight loss program. Brining meat is a basic soak (2 tablespoons of salt to 4 cups of water) that causes the proteins in the meat to unravel, interact with one another, and form a matrix that traps moisture inside the meat. This results in a very succulent and juicy meat. Another tip with game meat is to make sure it is cooked no more than medium‐rare. Due to its low fat content, moisture evaporates quickly when cooking and can easily become overcooked and chewy.

GreenLite Tip: If you are a fan of making stews or soups in a crock pot, try a recipe with game meat. Cooking it on a low setting over a few hours with vegetables and spices is a perfect way to prepare it and preserve its flavor.

Where to buy game meat?

Most specialty meat stores carry game meat as well as online exotic meat stores. If you are not ready to jump into cooking game just yet, game jerky is very easy to find and makes a great high‐protein, low fat snack that will fit into the GreenLite weight loss program.

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