Why Choose Hello GreenLite?



There are many weight loss programs that come to your doorstep. Sure, they give you access to great tools, and some even offer packaged meal plans, but you are left on your own to implement them.

At Hello GreenLite, you are not just another number. Our team of experienced educators understands that every client has a personal story and weight loss struggles. We focus on bringing you a personal plan for a sense of control and life balance. Our program empowers you through weekly supervision, guidance, behavioral changes, nutrition, exercise and accountability.

The key to our program is this: The trusting relationship you’ll build with your own personal GreenLite educator. She’s got your back! And front, and insides, and what’s going on in your brain, too. You see, we believe that the weight loss process is an entire mind-body transformation. And with your weekly virtual visits, your educator will help you through your journey—celebrating your successes, strategizing your challenges, and encouraging you through any rocky roads.

GreenLite Health Educator, Holly Brown, meeting with a client.