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glass of waterWhen you make the commitment to yourself to lose weight, it is helpful to be able to separate fact from fiction when it comes to the weight loss tips. Some tips are promoted to sell a product, while others can actually help you lose weight.

Here are some tried and true weight loss tips to support your goals to shed those extra pounds.

Drink More Water

A common mistake that many of us often make is that we will eat when we are thirsty because we are unaware of the fact that we are actually craving liquids, not solids. Drinking water in between meals will help to keep cravings for snacks at bay. When eating meals, you can also be more aware of drinking water during your meal rather than just before or after. Drinking water while eating can make you feel satisfied with both your liquid and food intake and, thus, help you cut down on the amount of food consumed.

Watch Out for Added Sugar

One element in our diets that we consume way too much of is added sugar. The source of sugar does not matter. Whether it is natural sugars in fruit, organic honey, or high fructose corn syrup, sugar is sugar, and it will have the same impact on the body. Too much of it has a negative impact on our cells’ ability to respond to insulin and place us at risk for developing diabetes.  Pay special attention to the sugar content on the labels of the food you purchase. You may be surprised to see how much sugar is contained in the “healthier” food choices at the supermarket.

Stock Up on Healthier Snacks

Let’s face it: many of us cannot hold to the “three square meals a day” without a snack in between.  That’s because our biology is designed to remind us we are “hungry” every 4-5 hours to motivate us to find food and eat.  If we don’t pay attention, we let our hunger take over, and in turn, we overeat.  So, plan for a snack, and build it into your day before you get too hungry. Snack on some chopped vegetables or low-fat cheese to help your hungry moments.  You can also snack on a hard-boiled eggs to prevent overeating at your next meal.

Chew Your Food Slowly

Our stomachs can be slow to register when we are, in fact, full. Have you ever been so hungry that you scarfed down an entire meal, only to feel like you haven’t eaten anything at all? Slowing down your eating can give your gut hormones time to tell your brain that  you’ve had enough. Other tricks to help is to put your spoon down between bites or use smaller utensils.

The process of losing weight can be difficult, but hopefully, these tips and tricks can help to keep you on track. Whether they are the big changes in lifestyle or the small tweaks in meal planning, every change aims to make your weight loss as easy and successful as possible.


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