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Weight Loss Story | Dana G.

Dana G. 

Age: 43 years old

Start Weight: 251 lbs

End Weight: 188 lbs*

Weight Lost: 63 lbs*

Biggest Life Change: Training for a marathon

Most Mindful Tip: Try greek yogurt in smoothies

Upon finishing my master’s degree, I decided that it was time to do something positive for my health, and decided it was time to give GreenLite Medicine a try. My sister is a GreenLite client and has been very successful. So, it was time that I give it a try too!

I began my experience with GreenLite in June of 2010 and found it to be a very positive experience. I have really enjoyed the staff that I have interacted with, especially Zoe, the receptionist, who always greets me with a smile when I walk through the door. Pam was the first health educator that I worked with. I enjoyed working with her, but when Pam left, I began working with Nancy. I have enjoyed creating a relationship with Nancy, and she has been a wealth of knowledge.

I chose GreenLite Medicine because IT WORKS! My sister had such a positive experience, and expressed that it was pretty simple, and I definitely agree with her. It is a very simple program. I enjoy seeing someone on a weekly basis, who knows my strengths and weaknesses. I also like that I can easily see a medical provider at any time if I have questions. I have learned a lot about myself through this journey and have realized my success is all about the choices that I make.

I exercise fairly often, working out between four to five hours a week. I go to the gym and sometimes take classes or use an exercise machine, run the track or trails with co-workers, and I have recently begun taking yoga which I have found that I really enjoy.

I have come to really appreciate Trader Joe’s, as I have a “grab and go” kind of lifestyle. I am not one that enjoys cooking all that much. I have found that Trader Joe’s has a lot of options that are fast and easy.

I am a fairly active person, I love river rafting! My favorite river is the South Fork of the American River. I have also taken rafting trips in the Grand Canyon and Alaska. I have a strong belief in volunteerism. I have volunteered with Northern California Special Olympics since 1998 and have coached several sports and enjoy watching sports. I enjoy football, baseball, and hockey. I have also participated in several races including the Santa Cruz Half Marathon which I completed three times. Currently, I am training for the San Francisco Half Marathon in July and I’ve asked a few people at work if they would be interested in running it with me. Now five of us meet out on the track two days a week!

For me the secret has been the importance of protein. I did not eat nearly enough protein prior to coming to GreenLite. I have found that I love Greek yogurt, and if you are not a yogurt fan, you can throw it in a smoothie!

One thing that I really like about Greenlite is that your weight loss goals are set within ranges that are truly healthy and realistic for you. This is the first program that I have done that actually measures my lean muscle mass and takes that into account when looking at my BMI. As I approach my goal, I feel like I will be in a very healthy and realistic place.

*Actual Results May Vary

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