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man (2)When it comes to weight loss programs for men, a unique set of struggles needs to be addressed. 

It’s common for the male-oriented weight loss approach to include a heavy emphasis on extremes: extreme protein consumption, extreme weight lifting, or extreme supplementation in some form or another.

But going to extremes isn’t always necessary, and sometimes just getting back to basics is the best thing to look for in weight loss programs for men.

Since men tend to lose weight faster than women, too, they can often quickly benefit from just simple structure, accountability, and the right dietary changes.

Here are three things to look for when considering which program may be right for you:

Weight Loss Programs for Men Should…

1. Advocate exercise in moderation. 

A common mistake of many male dieters (and weight loss programs in general) is an overemphasis on exercise.

While exercise is indeed important for long-term health and preventing yourself from gaining weight once you lose it, being overly active during the initial weight loss phase can sometimes work to your disadvantage.


There are two reasons:

1. Hard exercise makes you hungry.

2. Trying to modify too many different areas of your life at once can feel overwhelming and lead to failure.

Men often believe they need to focus on hard-hitting strength training programs in order to get in shape and build muscle, but this intense type of exercise is actually better saved for after you’ve lost a fair amount of weight.

2. Make supplements a side note. 

Health protein shakes or supplements are commonly marketed to men.

Yet if you take a look at the label on one of these products, you’re likely to be shocked by how many calories and carbohydrates they contain.

Increasing your protein intake without making the right dietary changes won’t lead to weight loss – and it will probably contribute to an expanding waistline and “man boobs” (a lot of protein supplements are made with soy powder, which can be rich in estrogenic compounds).

Weight loss programs for men should focus more on real food and less on supplements, shakes, or pills.

It’s not there aren’t high-quality versions of these products available – there are – but they should be used in moderation and not as a replacement for a balanced nutrition plan.

3. Provide the right support. 

For both men and women, having continued support and accountability is a significant part of the weight loss process.

Weight loss programs for men should have educators or counselors who are experienced in addressing the unique struggles and challenges men face when it comes to their weight.

Whether these challenges are behavioral, emotional, or lifestyle-based in nature, it’s important to have a safe space to air these concerns with someone who can act as your advocate.

If you’re looking for more information about weight loss programs for men in the Bay Area or virtually, be sure to contact us for a free consultation.

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