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weight loss program comparisonA weight loss program comparison is one of the best ways to see what type of plan is right for you.

Patients often ask us how our weight-loss approach is similar to or different than popular commercial programs, so we’ve broken down the main components in a comparison model below. 

1. One-on-one support/ meetings

Your weight loss success greatly depends on your ability to remain accountable to someone that is committed to your success. 

  • GreenLite Medicine: Personalized, one-on-one weekly meetings with both a health educator and medical provider.
  • Weight Watchers: Group meetings with a peer leader
  • Jenny Craig: Individual meetings with trained “consultants”
  • Atkins: No official meetings; online support or in-person private support groups
  • Jumpstart MD: One-on-one meetings with whichever health educator or medical provider is available to see you

2. Diet and food

In terms of food, the following weight loss program comparison notes will give you an idea of how diets differ: 

  • GreenLite Medicine: High protein, low-carbohydrate diet. Focus on real food. Broken down into macronutrient allowances per day.
  • Weight Watchers: Point system that doesn’t discriminate types of foods. Processed and packaged foods are allowed.
  • Jenny Craig: Prepackaged food that you buy.
  • Atkins: High protein, low carbohydrate diet. Recipes can be found in books or online.
  • Jumpstart MD: High to moderate protein, some packaged foods allowed.

3. Exercise

Exercising “smart” while you’re losing weight is vital to your overall progress, and also keeping the weight off in the long run.

  • GreenLite Medicine: Personalized plan, low to moderate exercise
  • Weight Watchers: No official recommendations
  • Jenny Craig: No official recommendations
  • Atkins: No official recommendations
  • Jumpstart MD: No exercise first few weeks, moderate exercise after that

4. Supplements

While supplements aren’t necessary to lose weight, they can be incredibly helpful in assisting with metabolism, energy, and mood. 

  • GreenLite Medicine: Pharmaceutical-grade multivitamins, chromium, B12+MIC injections
  • Weight Watchers: None
  • Jenny Craig: None
  • Atkins: None
  • Jumpstart MD: Supplements provided

5. Virtual Options

A weight loss program comparison should also take into account whether or not there are virtual options. Learning how to lose weight at home on your own is sometimes the only option for busy people. 

  • GreenLite Medicine: Offers virtual program that is conducted over Skype.
  • Weight Watchers: Virtual options
  • Jenny Craig: Virtual options
  • Atkins: Online support through websites or forums
  • Jumpstart MD: No virtual option offered

*Actual results may vary

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