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file000895423288Weight loss clinics aren’t going to perform any miracles for you. 

The fact is that losing weight for good requires your complete participation – and any diet or program that promises fast results without long-term lifestyle changes isn’t worth your money. You’re just going to gain the weight back.

Weight loss clinics can, however, give you the support you need to start this process and lose weight the right way. So when looking for a program, keep in mind the following:

1. Weight loss clinics should customize your program. Too many programs approach weight loss from a one-size-fits-all perspective. This won’t work. You gained weight for specific reasons – behavioral, emotional, etc. – and losing it requires looking at your unique challenges and strengths. This is where personalized coaching comes into play and is so important. A weight loss clinic needs to address YOU as you – not expect you to fit into some general protocol that works for most people. 

2. Weight loss clinics should have doctor supervision. You wouldn’t hire a novice carpenter to help you build your dream house, so why would you approach weight loss the same way? What’s going on with your health has everything to do with why you’re not losing weight, and having a doctor on your side to help you navigate this process is invaluable. Weight loss clinics that don’t incorporate doctor supervision are only addressing part of the problem. Doctors can interpret the results of blood tests, hormonal assessments, and other things that might be influencing your weight. They can also prescribe helpful medications that might assist with the weight loss process, like appetite suppressants.

3. Weight loss clinics should provide accountability. A weight loss clinic that simply gives you a diet plan and sends you on your way isn’t addressing one of the key components of lasting weight loss: accountability. Long-term success is typically only possible when you’re accountable to someone else – and that’s where the one-on-one aspect of weight loss coaching also comes into play. Clinics that don’t hold you accountable on at least a weekly or bi-weekly basis aren’t doing you any favors. Unless you have iron resolve, you’ll most likely fall quickly back into old habits.

4. Weight loss clinics should challenge your thoughts. What you do on a daily basis certainly affects whether or not you lose weight, but what you think is also a huge part of this process. Weight loss has to address the underlying mental patterns that are sabotaging your success. Once you change the way you think about yourself and your life, you’ll see that your behavior changes as well. So it’s not just about adopting new habits or changing your diet – it’s about working on the thought processes that lead to unhealthy behaviors, too.

5. Weight loss clinics should account for failure. Failure is part and parcel of the weight loss process. It’s inevitable that you’re going to slip up and maybe even backtrack a bit. That’s OK. A good weight loss clinic needs to account for this reality and not expect perfection. Failure is acceptable, and we must learn how to navigate it if you want to lose the weight and keep it off for good.

Have more questions about weight loss clinics? Ready to start your own weight loss journey? Contact us today to get started on a personalized plan.


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