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vickie haught final

Vicki H.

Age: 67 years old

Start Weight: 186.1 lbs

End Weight: 146 lbs*

Weight Lost: 40.1 lbs*

Biggest Life Change: Having the energy to go hiking and walking*

Most Mindful Tip: Increase protein and understand what fruits and veggies are loaded with sugar

“I was amazed that I was so full and still lost weight!”

I was so tired of shopping for clothes that I felt made me look “OK.” The final straw was when my oncologist said my weight could cause my breast cancer to return – after 12 years. I also took meds for high blood pressure (now I don’t) and I used a CPAP machine at night. I started the GreenLite program at the end of June. Immediately the pounds began to come off. 

I had tried every diet and over-the-counter pill I could find and nothing worked. To see my weight go down 3-5 pounds a week was very motivating.* The support I got from the doctor was very helpful. She looked at what I was doing and fine-tuned my program for me. Molly was also very helpful and encouraging.

The food on the list was also what I liked to eat. I like chicken, cottage cheese, greek yogurt – it was not difficult for me at all. I learned fruit and certain veggies were loaded with sugar. I never realized that “just eat an apple or banana” when hungry was a bad idea. I started watching and increased my protein by quite a lot. I stopped not eating and instead never felt hungry. I was amazed that I was so full and still lost weight.

I can walk all day now. We took a trip to France and I hiked all over medieval cities – lots of steps and hills and was not huffing and puffing like I used to. We do a lot of travel and especially cruises. The sign-up for all the excursions are all marked “strenuous.” I am able to keep up with my husband where before I would say “get me on the way back.” Also my husband is down 20 pounds just by watching me skip certain carbs.* He’s very happy!

I can be on this program on vacation, cruises, and many dinners out. I have learned that all low-fat salad dressings are not the same and I always carry my own fat-free Italian in my purse. I make chicken thighs a lot with Italian dressing on them and just warm them up in the microwave if I cook something else for my husband.

Thank you GreenLite – you have truly changed my life!!!!

*Actual Results May Vary

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