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Just NutsIt is important to select foods from each of the food groups daily and to vary your choices within each food group from day to day.
Here is why:

1. Different foods within the same group provide your body different arrays of nutrients and phytochemicals. For example, different protein foods contain different amino acids. Therefore, it is particularly important to vary your protein choices throughout a day. The same with fruits and vegetables: aim at selecting vegetables of various colors (green, red, yellow, white, and purple) and of different parts of the plant (leaves, stem, root, flower, seed, etc.). 

2. No food is guaranteed entirely free of potentially harmful substances such as pesticides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics, or heavy metals. Strawberries may contain one contaminant, cantaloupes another. By altering food choices, you ingest fewer amounts of each contaminant.

3. Repetitious eating may also slow down a weight loss process. When you eat the same foods over and over, the body begins to adjust and weight loss is not as consistent as in at the beginning.

4. As the adage goes: “Variety is the spice of life”. When varying food choices, eating nutritive meals need never be boring. Even if you eat eggs every morning, you can enjoy scrambled eggs with onions and mushrooms today, hard boiled eggs with salsa tomorrow, and spinach and feta cheese frittata on the weekend.

So try to vary your choices of meats, fish, eggs & dairy, beans, nuts & seeds, fruits & vegetables as much as you can. Make it a rule to try one new recipe each week and buy one new food item on each visit to the grocery store. Just keep in mind that according to studies, it takes an average of at least 10 times of trying a certain food before you develop a taste for it.

Written by Michal, nutritionist and Greenlite Weight Loss Educator.

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