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TV Final

Todd V.

Age: 67 years old

Start Weight: 324.9 lbs

End Weight: 248 lbs*

Weight Lost: 76 lbs*

Biggest Life Change: Lower blood pressure, walking more every day*

Most Mindful Tip: Drink all of the water

“Everyone at GreenLite was nice and made me feel really comfortable.” I came to GreenLite because my doctor recommended it. I had high blood pressure and didn’t want to be on medication forever. I was tired all the time and beginning to have some trouble with my knees and lower back.

My very first appointment at GreenLite Medicine was on August 19, 2013. My weight was 324.9. Today, 6 months later, I’m at 248 (a total loss of 76 pounds) and have lost 12 inches off my waist. After just 10 weeks on the plan my doctor was able to take me off of all high blood pressure medication.*

Everyone at GreenLite was nice and made me feel really comfortable. I came in with my wife and Holly went over the program with both of us. My family is very supportive and, since my wife does most of the cooking, she wanted to make sure she knew what I could eat and what I should stay away from.

I have to get up really early in the morning to go to work and I had gotten into the habit of not eating much all day, just relying on coffee, then having fast food on the way home — and I had a real sweet tooth! Now I pack up my breakfast, lunch, and snacks the night before and have my own drawer in the fridge at work. Drinking a lot of water really helps me with hunger, (I even gave up coffee) and I always have a bag of raw veggies to snack on. I walk a lot for my job, so I bought a pedometer and am now walking 10,000 steps a day. I avoid the elevator and can walk up 6 flights of stairs before my legs even get tired!

Over the last 6 months, I learned how to eat out and even lost 3 pounds when I went on a cruise.* The week before I left, my health educator and I pulled up the menu from the cruise line on the computer and spent a few minutes coming up with a game plan. There was plenty of good protein choices like shrimp, steak, and lobster! I had some eggs every morning and made sure to walk around the ship most days. I did have dessert a few times, but asked for no starch and extra veggies at lunch and dinner. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

I admit, sometimes my family gets tired of my eating plan and it’s so easy to just go along with what they are doing. But, at some point you have to ask for what you need and take some responsibility for having the right kinds of food in the house to keep you on track.

My best tip for anyone doing the GreenLite plan is to drink all the water; it really helps with hunger. Make sure to eat every 3 hours — I even put an alarm on my phone to remind me — and weigh and measure what you’re eating! There are a bunch of good recipes on the website and I am starting to experiment a lot more. I know I still have a way to go, but I’m super happy with my results and am confident I’ll be successful.

*Actual Results May Vary

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