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taste-overeatingTemptations are everywhere during the holidays.  This results in the average American to experience a weight gain of 7-10 pounds, and we are left trying to lose weight and recover from a moment of over-indulgence.  But, just because past holidays have been a time for excess does not mean this year has to be a repeat.  Why not avoid gaining any weight in the first place?  Keep focused on the same goal you had when you first contacted GreenLite – the goal to lose weight and be a healthier version of yourself.  Keep the following tips handy on your smart-phones or web-bookmarks to help navigate the holiday temptation minefields.

  1.  Plan, plan, and plan

Never go to a holiday meal without preparation.  If you are eating at someone else’s home or a restaurant, you are not in control of the food.  Be sure to eat a high protein, high fiber meal before you go.  That way, your blood sugar is regulated, and you are not arriving on an empty stomach.

  1. Always have a drink in your hand

This is a great trick for going to a holiday party or a situation that has a buffet or hors d’oeuvres.  Keep a drink in your hand to keep your hands busy.  Many times, people will mindlessly eat in these types of social situations.  Having a steady fluid intake will not only keep you feeling more full, but you will have to physically put down your drink in order to hold a plate and eat.  Note: we are talking about healthy drinks here!

  1. Do not starve yourself

The fastest way to make bad food decisions is to go hungry.  It is not a myth that you should not go to a grocery store hungry.  The same thing goes for situations where you might over-indulge.  Nothing good ever happens on low blood sugar, so keep yourself full.

  1. Savor your food

People often overeat to the point of fullness and become physically uncomfortable soon after.  Learn to enjoy your food by taking small bites, chewing slowly, and really enjoying your food.

  1. Stay accountable

When trying to lose weight, it is imperative to record your food and liquid intake.  With all of the free smart-phones and web applications, it has never been easier to keep yourself honest about what is going in your mouth.

So, go out and enjoy the holidays with your friends and families, and if you use the above tips, you will not find yourself trying to recover from too much over-indulgence.

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