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The holiday seasxmas-dinneron is filled with eating opportunities ranging from office parties to end-of-semester school events to friends-and-family gatherings.  This makes it much more difficult to stay on track with your weight-loss diet plan – not just because of all the temptations but also because you may be too busy with all the hustle and bustle to take the time to prepare all the healthy meals and snacks.  Despite all these challenges, there are things you can do to help minimize your risk of weight gain and still enjoy the holiday activities with your nearest and dearest.

  1. Try not to overindulge on special holiday foods just because you only get to eat it once a year.  Afterall, there is always next year.  However, do not deprive yourself from tasting any either.  When you do consume a few bites throughout the holiday season, savor each feel, sound, sight, aroma, and taste of your holiday treats.  This will make the holiday treats more special than feeling bloated and guilty afterwards.
  1. The holiday season does not necessarily have to revolve around foods.  You can create new, meaningful traditions that do not lead to interfering with your weight-loss diet plan.  For example, instead of gathering everyone together for a gingerbread house-building contest, you can gather everyone together to volunteer at your local gift-wrapping or gift-delivering charity event.  This way, you can all enjoy the holiday festivities while spreading the holiday cheers to others.
  1. Remember that you do not have to restrict yourself to only focusing on losing weight during the holiday season.  This can lead to stressing, which then leads to stress-eating.  Instead, you can focus on maintaining your weight.  And, you do not have to be “perfect.”  No one is perfect.  Aim for a more realistic goal of being “pretty good” with your weight-loss diet plan during the holiday season, and enjoy the holiday season!
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