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vegetables-1317591_640We all know that there are numerous benefits to eating more vegetables.  Vegetables are low in fat and calories yet rich in nutrients.  Increased veggie intake on the GreenLite diet plan will positively impact heart health, reduce the risk of stroke, reduce the possibility of diabetes, and promote fat loss.  As it is crucial to get in your daily vegetable intake, it is important to find creative ways to get them into your diet plan.

Cook a Vegetable Stir Fry: Create a healthy stir-fry using light olive oil.  Be sure to load it with different varieties of vegetables so that you can reap all the benefits associated with each.  If you want to add meat protein, be sure to use lean meat.  You could also add tofu to your stir-fry for a meatless protein option.

Trade Bread for Lettuce Wraps: Trade your bread in for lettuce wraps.  Instead of making a sandwich using bread, put everything you would add to your healthy sandwich between romaine, iceberg lettuce, or beet greens.

Keep Fresh Salsa On Hand: Salsa adds spice to almost anything, and it is loaded with vegetables.  To keep things healthy, try making your own salsa.  This way you can insert the vegetables of your choice and play around with different recipes.  You can put salsa on lean meats, other veggies, or on eggs.

Double the Veggies in Soups and Salads: Adding vegetables to soups and salads will not only help you increase your vegetable intake but also adds to the flavor and appearance of soups and salads.  If a recipe calls for veggies, mix it up and add double the amount.

Implement Meatless Mondays: Meatless Mondays is a cool concept where people try to take a break from meat.  Naturally, vegetable intake on Mondays goes up for those that practice Meatless Mondays.  This is a day when you can look forward to trying new recipes that are loaded with vegetables.

Snack on Veggies: Trade those unhealthy snack breaks in for healthy ones.  Purchase little snack bags to portion your vegetable snacks.  Placing vegetables in a snack bag make them as convenient to grab as a bag of chips.

Add Veggies to Fruit Smoothies: Who does not love a tasty smoothie?  Add spinach to a fruit smoothie and hold the sugar.  Enjoy the natural flavors of the fruit while getting the benefits that come along with eating spinach.  Spinach is ideal, because it has a milder flavor.  But, you can add kale or any other veggies to a smoothie, too.

There are many unique and fun ways to incorporate vegetables into your diet plan for maximum fat loss.  The ideas do not stop here.  Think outside of the box and get creative with your food.  Do not miss out on the health benefits you will gain from eating more vegetables.  As always, be sure to consult your manual for GreenLite-approved vegetables and portion sizes.

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