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Written by Jodi Murphy

On a very lonely day…a day when I felt profoundly anxious and unable to shake the melancholy…I started sorting through the boxes of art, scraps of notes, and whimsical doodles I had collected from my family and friends. One by one, I picked the treasured ephemera up, glancing quickly and hoping that something would warm up my mood and send the blues on their way. Then BAM! There it was, this bright green post-it, another quick note that my daughter (when she was little) was in the steady habit of writing and leaving for me under my bedroom door…


I love you! You are great! You are wonderful!
You are my mom and that is all that matters!


I snatched it out of the box and held it to my heart. I have been searching, searching, searching for the meaning of my life and there it was so profoundly written on one post-it note.

I’ve been getting a jump start on my summer reading (I know it seems as though I am digressing here, but stick with me), and I just finished The Weird Sisters. It’s Eleanor Brown’s first novel and she hit the New York Times bestseller list with this endearing story about three sisters who come home to the small college town where they grew up to help their ill mother but more importantly heal themselves.

Reading along at a rather quick pace (It’s REALLY good), there was a passage on page 215 that jumped out and made me pause…

“And hasn’t she had a good life, our mother? Hasn’t she raised children and read good books, and traveled and laughed and had a marriage lasting for, what, thirty-three years?”

And there it was. The message once again, loud and clear.

No matter what I’ve accomplished or will do from here on out, I’ve already got what matters. My daughter and Eleanor told me so.

Jodi Murphy has written for Gentry, Gentry Design, California Home and Design magazines, as well as several popular blogs. She has developed branding campaigns and marketing programs for clients in a variety of industries including interior design, sports and high-tech. The Journey Back To Me is a special column she is writing for the Greenlite Medicine community. As her articles unroll, and her journey begins, she hopes you’ll join in the conversation.


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  • Nancy Berndt

    Jodi, How lovely of you to be vulnerable and open and honest…how refreshing….how eloquent your words to discribe something that I recognize of myself …the thoughts so familiar………but usually only rolling around in a lonesome way inside my own head and heart….thank you dear old friend(old in the number of years we go back)…..and to think of all the years which have gone by and my thoughts that we had grown so many decades apart with probably nothing left in common………but this morning with this lovely willingness to be vulnerable…..you have chased away my lonliness with a nice sense of community in only a few minutes time. Jasmine graduated from Law school on Mother’s Day and is now moving away to her new life and I will be so lonely for her……….now how about that beach walk????? I think I need a friend just like you again :O)

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