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Written by Jodi Murphy

I signed up for a beginning tap class at a dance studio. I noticed the tappers as they took the floor after my daughter’s tiny tots class ended, thinking that as soon as she started kindergarten, I was going to be out there with them. Once a week for one hour, I flapped, tapped, and laughed my way through technique drills and confusing choreography, working my way up to a pretty decent hoofer. I even participated in the annual dance recitals…don’t ask me how they convinced me to perform on stage! But I did, and had a ball doing it too. The one thing I asked is that no one ever show me a photograph or video of me performing. In my mind’s eye, I WAS Ginger Rogers…no, I was Fred…or maybe Gene, and it felt wonderful! I never had dreams of grandeur…I just loved to tap, and there was no reason for reality to get in the way of my profound happiness.

Years passed and our class dwindled…some left due to injury, others moved away, and some felt their bodies just couldn’t handle it anymore.

Now, almost fifteen years later, a tap class started at my workout place and I’m back in the studio again! I’m a bit rusty but I already feel my inner Ginger, Fred and Gene beginning to emerge.

Jodi Murphy has written for Gentry, Gentry Design, California Home and Design magazines, as well as several popular blogs. She has developed branding campaigns and marketing programs for clients in a variety of industries including interior design, sports and high-tech. The Journey Back To Me is a special column she is writing for the Greenlite Medicine community. As her articles unroll, and her journey begins, she hopes you’ll join in the conversation.


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