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Written by Jodi Murphy

I love movies! And I have always wished that I had a soundtrack that followed me throughout my day. Imagine a plucky, happy beat that matches your gait as you walk down the street…or an eerie tune that alerts you to trouble ahead. Well, I don’t have John Williams or Danny Elfman in my favorites phone list, so I acted as my own composer (of sorts), and generated a custom Jodi Soundtrack. My soundtrack is an eclectic mix of genres but each song has been carefully selected to reinforce the messages that are so important for me to hear: I am valued! I am loved! I can do it! Never give up!

Here’s a small sampling of my soundtrack…

Astonishing, Little Women, The Musical, 2005 Original Broadway Cast

There are three reasons why this song is on my personal soundtrack: 1) It’s based on one of my favorite characters in one of my favorite books…Jo and Little Women; 2) Both of my children are performers and when I hear any Broadway tune, I think of them and I’m immediately lifted up; and 3) The song is so inspiring and when Sutton Foster belts it out I get chills. Here are just a few of the powerful lyrics:

Here I go
And there’s no turning back
My great adventure has begun
I may be small
But I’ve got giant plans
To shine as greatly as the sun

I will blaze until I find my time and place
I will be fearless,
Surrendering modesty and grace
I will not disappear without a trace
I’ll shout and start a riot
Be anything but quiet
Christopher Columbus
I’ll be Astonishing

At Last

Can’t Go Back Now, Hideaway, The Weepies

There are so many songs by The Weepies that resonate with me. But the one on my soundtrack is Can’t Go Back Now. It’s a reminder that someone always has my back as I move forward through my life. The lyrics fill me with a “don’t give up” attitude:

You know there will be days
When you’re so tired
That you can’t take another step

The night will have no stars
And you’ll think you’ve gone as far
As you will ever get

You and me walk on, walk on, walk on
‘Cause you can’t go back now

I’m Beautiful, Bathhouse Betty, Bette Midler

This song is a guaranteed pick-me-up! If I’m having a low self esteem moment, I just crank this baby up and dance! It’s so cheeky, but it really gets the point across that we’re ALL beautiful:

People always ask me
“Miss M, how did you get so far
on so little? Shut up!
Well, I woke up one morning
flossed my teeth and decided
“Damn, I’m fierce! You look good!”
You can be just like me! A goddess? Yeah!
Don’t just pussy foot around and sit on your assets
Unleash your ferocity upon an unsuspecting world
Rise up and repeat after me: “I’m beautiful!”

Pick Yourself Up, Stardust, Natalie Cole

An oldie but the message is clear…There will be moments of failure and my chin will be on the ground, but I need to pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again!

These are just a few of my favorites, and perhaps I’ll share some more in a different post. I’m curious…What would be the first song on your personal soundtrack?

Jodi Murphy has written for Gentry, Gentry Design, California Home and Design magazines, as well as several popular blogs. She has developed branding campaigns and marketing programs for clients in a variety of industries including interior design, sports and high-tech. The Journey Back To Me is a special column she is writing for the Greenlite Medicine community. As her articles unroll, and her journey begins, she hopes you’ll join in the conversation.


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