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Written by Jodi Murphy

I, like many women, had an incredibly emotional response to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love. I mean the thought of taking a break from real life to travel to exotic places around the globe to find myself was so appealing. But unlike Elizabeth, I genuinely liked my life—especially my husband, marriage, and adult kids—it was just me who needed some work and reflection on living a more fulfilling life.

One day, while escaping for some retail therapy at Anthropologie, I discovered The Happiness Project amongst the whimsical bric-a-brac and racks of bohemian clothing.

Like me, the author, Gretchen Rubin, couldn’t pick up and leave on a personal walkabout. Feeling a midlife malaise, she wanted to change her life and endeavor to boost her happiness. She began a yearlong Happiness Project to “test drive the wisdom of the ages,current scientific studies, and lessons from popular culture about how to be happier.” She focused on a different subject important to her each month—marriage, parenthood, friends, work, play, passion, eternity, attitude, energy, money and mindfulness—and set about transforming herself and her life.

Understanding ahead of time that she would indeed struggle, Gretchen created her own personal commandments to help her stay focused, keep her resolutions and achieve her goals.

I, too, followed Gretchen’s lead and came up with my own personal commandments…they really help me when I am impatient for change to happen quickly, feeling blue, or falling back into my old Jodi habits. Take a look:

Jodi’s Personal Commandments

Go with the flow.
Relax and enjoy.
Be mindful.
Believe in miracles.
Have no expectations.
It’s ok to think of yourself.
You will know.

Try your hand at it! I think you’ll find that creating positive commandments will help you banish any negative thoughts.

In addition to the book, Gretchen writes The Happiness Project Blog where she’s got a whole lotta happy people and ideas to shareevery day!

Are you happy? Love to hear about it…

Jodi Murphy has written for Gentry, Gentry Design, California Home and Design magazines, as well as several popular blogs. She has developed branding campaigns and marketing programs for clients in a variety of industries including interior design, sports and high-tech. The Journey Back To Me is a special column she is writing for the Greenlite Medicine community. As her articles unroll, and her journey begins, she hopes you’ll join in the conversation.


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