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The next time you are meal prepping, try adding ginger to your weekly weight-loss plan menu.  Ginger root is a plant that is loaded with health benefits.

  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Ginger contains anti-inflammatory agents called gingerols.  Because of this, ginger has been used to alleviate pain in arthritis patients.  It is also used to relieve menstrual cramps.
  • May Help Fight Infections: Ginger helps fight infections because of its anti-bacterial properties. Gingerol is also responsible for ginger’s ability to fight off Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) infections, which are linked to many respiratory infections.
  • Inhibits Brain Inflammation: Antioxidants found in ginger are believed to inhibit brain inflammation.  Brain inflammation is connected to aging and diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.  
  • Battles Nausea: Studies have shown that nausea can be relieved by consuming ginger.  This includes nausea that is caused by surgery and morning sickness when pregnant.  Ginger has also been used to treat chronic indigestion.
  • Lowers Blood Sugar: Studies have shown that ginger may have a positive effect on blood sugar levels and cholesterol.  In the study, ginger powder was used to help decrease resting blood sugar levels.  Another study showed the connection between consuming ginger powder and reductions in cholesterol markers, making it a great complement for a weight-loss plan.

Buying and Prep Tips: Organic ginger can be found at most local grocery stores.  Look for ginger that is firm, smooth, and heavy.  Store ginger in a plastic bag in the crisper drawer.  If you have cut a piece of the ginger off, be sure to pat it dry before storing.  Before you reach for the ground ginger, be sure to consider the fact that fresh is better and loaded with more nutrients.  However, powered ginger is convenient and easy to pack in your weight-loss lunch and spice up your meal.

Now that you know the wonderful benefits of ginger, you can begin using it in recipes.  Try making your own ginger dressing or ginger soup.  Ginger can also be used in smoothies.  Ginger can be juiced like any other fruit or vegetable.  It can also be used in vegetable stir-fries.  Get creative with ginger and try ginger-flavored water or just eat it raw.  Think outside of the box, and start receiving all of the health benefits of ginger.


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