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file0001153230091Here are some tips for walking the fine line between deprivation and indulgence over the holidays while sustaining your weight loss:

1.       Bring on the green and lean – Fill your plate with low-carbohydrate and low-fat choices like green salad, green beans, and sliced turkey breast. 

2.       Resist the gobble – Thanksgiving meals take hours to plan and prepare but can be devoured in less than 20 minutes.  This year, give yourself the chance to eat slowly and on purpose. Experiment with putting your fork down, sipping some water, exchanging a word or two with your tablemates, and then consider taking another bite.

3.       Give yourself permission – It’s okay to occasionally give yourself permission to eat foods you love.  So if you’d like, give yourself a taster portion of a favorite and then purposefully savor each bite. Take in the sight, texture, smell, and flavors, as if for the very first time.

4.       Be entertained by your taste buds – When eating your favorite foods, notice how your taste buds will “sing” loudest during the first few bites.  The first bite of food has the highest taste intensity. The taste experience dulls after about three bites because your taste buds get saturated like sponges. Try it out for yourself. Eat one bite with your full attention on taste and compare it’s intensity to that of the second, third, and fourth. You might be amazed by what you find.

5.       When all else fails, EAT! – If you’ve overeaten, you might be tempted to starve yourself the next day to make up for it. That may, ultimately, set you up for failure and overeating.  A sensible strategy for recovering is to come back to eating everything three- four hours while selecting from Greenlite’s food plan of lean proteins, fresh vegetables, fruit, and dairy. Greenlite also has a Two-Day Protein Only meal plan that can allow you to recover a little faster. Ask your educator or any of the Greenlite staff for more information.

Written by Maria Sayare, Greenlite Health Educator

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