Are You a Stress Eater?


Have you ever felt like food is the only thing that will calm you down?

It’s no secret that many people manage stress with unhealthy habits, but things like smoking or drinking tend to be taken more seriously than overeating. Yet given rising obesity rates, the diabetes epidemic, and the multitude of health problems that accompany food addiction, we should probably start paying more attention.  Continue reading

What about that “Magic Bullet” weight loss solution?

magic bullet weight loss
I can’t tell you how many times a client tells me they have tried every diet known to man and still can’t lose weight.

The story goes like this…you’re motivated to lose and so desperately want to stop feeling sluggish. You want to lose the weight so you’re no longer uncomfortable in your skin and want to start feeling better about yourself right away. You’re willing to put in the effort and the $$ into the new plan and just WANT IT TO WORK! Diet powders, herbal “fat burners”, exercise videos…regardless of the method, the results are always the same. You’re frustrated and maybe in tears because you feel like a failure who is doomed to be heavy
forever.  Continue reading

Why Sleep is Important for a Healthy Weight


As a health educator at GreenLite Medicine, many of my discussions with our patients address the more “obvious” aspects of weight management such as dietary choices, physical activity, and behavioral triggers when it comes to food consumption. 

All of these issues are very important, but there is another one that is often overlooked and is just as crucial in weight management and overall health — sleep.  Continue reading

New Product Tuesday: Low Carbs & Sugars eGuide

GreenLite New Product Tuesdays

Losing weight is like a battlefield! There is a lot to get past and overcome. For Margaret Barton, she victoriously won her weight loss battle. In 2010, Margaret had made a commitment to take responsibility of her weight and health. That decision led her to Greenlite Medicine. With the help of our program, she lost forty pounds and now is feeling great!

Today, Margaret has a new view on healthful living that she wants to share with others through her eGuide, Low Carbs & Sugars: The Substitution Solution. Her eGuide covers valuable information that anyone can find helpful as they work on conquering their own personal weight and health goals.


5/5 greenlite stars

During Margaret’s weight loss journey she maintained a list of sites from which she ordered low carb and low sugar products. By substituting foods, she was able to lose and maintain her weight. So many people had asked Margaret about her list, that she decided to put it in a handy-dandy guide form and this is it!

With this eGuide, readers will be able to easily access low carb and low sugar products, learn why high carb and high sugar products contribute to weight gain and health problems and also learn about healthy products conducive to wellness. Everything in this eGuide is already put together for you to make your road to a healthier lifestyle a lot easier.

The Low Carbs & Sugars: The Substitution Solution eGuide can be downloaded for $14.95. You can purchase a copy for yourself here!

Partners for Health

Romantic Sunset Runners

Written by Nancy Lepow-Marrone

The past few months I found myself lacking motivation to workout. I have found it harder and harder to get back into my daily routine, which usually consists of going to the gym a few days a week and hiking a couple days a week.  Most of the time, I found myself getting home from work and talking myself out of my daily workout with any excuse I could think of: “I’m exhausted, I need to do more laundry, my back hurts,” and the list continues.  As time passed, I found that I was becoming more and more creative with the excuses I used for not exercising; as a result I started to feel really bad about myself…What’s wrong with me? I always enjoyed working out, where did my fitness love connection go?

That night I was talking on the phone with my best friend and venting to her about how I have lost my motivation to exercise, ironically she was going through the same thing but was too embarrassed to tell me.  There is no better way to be held accountable than by working out with someone else, so by the end of the phone conversation we made a commitment to one another that we would workout together the next day. I was really determined to get started again, so I made sure I brought my workout clothes to work with me to avoid any risk of getting home and finding an excuse to sabotage my workout.

After our scheduled workout I felt excellent, and actually to be honest it was a heartwarming and enjoyable experience. We were able to chat about our obstacles, teach each other new exercises, push ourselves to stay 15 minutes longer then we planned to, it was great and felt great.  It was clear that our fitness levels were different but it didn’t matter, we were working out again!  I think the best thing about our workout was that we were able to spend time together; which our schedules usually don’t allow, and we had a chance to gossip and catch up for the week.  When we finished we decided that we would make it a point to get together twice a week and so far so good.  We have also come up with some great workout routines together!

My husband has noticed how motivated I have become again and it actually has rubbed off on him.  The both of us have decided to hike at least twice a week together and we are going to focus on being more creative about where we hike, so that we don’t get bored with the same trail week over week. Mixing it up has really helped with our motivation to get out and get moving.  Not to mention, a beautiful hike coupled with a healthy meal makes a great V-day date!

I have to be honest, time flies by when I workout with my best friend or with my husband, and I’m actually having fun doing the workouts! I am no longer looking at my workouts as just another thing “I have to do.”  The time spent working out provides quality time together and we get to catch up on life while improving ourselves. So the solution to lacking motivation this month is to focus on loving your heart, figuratively and literally speaking! Jumping back into your routine not only gets you healthy, but it can rub off on others around you too!

NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!  Get out there and do something heartfelt for yourself, grab your sweetie, friend, or a relative and get back into getting that heart-pounding! It will make you and your workout partner feel better, both physically and mentally!!!


Real Weight Loss Story | Renee L.

Real Weight Loss Story | Renee L.“I weighed more than I had ever weighed in my life. I wore a size 16 petite and that is the largest size there is for my small body frame. I am only 4 foot 11, none of my clothes were fitting me and I was tired of buying bigger sizes.  During a conversation with my best friend, she mentioned she was worried about my health and expected me to be around for a long time. That’s when I realized that I was heavy and that I needed to do something in order to become a healthier person.

I started GreenLite Medicine on May 25, 2011. From the minute I walked in the door Zoe, the receptionist, made me feel very comfortable and welcome. I met with Dr. Rugh and found out that I had high blood pressure which I never knew about prior to my first visit at GreenLite. I started the program without the appetite suppressant, which at first concerned me because I always felt hungry. Dr. Rugh prescribed a blood pressure medication, got my blood pressure into the normal range, and then I was given the lowest dosage of the appetite suppressant to assist me with reaching my weight loss goals. Dr. Rugh is a warm, caring person who is also very professional, and she tends to the needs of all her clients.  I also had a chance to meet with Heather, the nurse practitioner, a couple of times and she was just as supportive, warm, and professional as everyone else working at GreenLite.

My health educator Holly was wonderful and I attribute much of my success to her. She was so supportive and offered a variety of resources to help me through my weight loss journey.  Without me even realizing it, she helped me to understand that this is really a lifestyle change, not just quick fix to get weight off and then go back to my normal unhealthy habits.  Bread, pasta, sugar…these are all items that we don’t necessarily need and I have learned how to effectively eat them sparingly. On Special occasions, once a week, or when in the maintenance phase you can have these foods, moderation is the key. If I gain one pound or two, I immediately would get back to eating 1000 calories a day for the next few days and I would eat protein, vegetables, and fruit. This routine helps easily shed any extra pounds I may have gained. After years of trying every diet there is I finally get it and know I can keep my weight under control thanks to Holly!

I choose this program because a friend of mine went to GreenLite and lost 40 pounds in a few months. She looked great and told me about what she was doing to reach her weight loss goals. She said she had tried every other program, just like me, and that this program was easy to follow. The appetite suppressants were really helpful, as time went on I began to feel less hungry and my body became accustom to small portions.

I really didn’t exercise much while on the program. I was on the treadmill 20 minutes a day for a week and then I lost interest. I realize exercise is important and now that I am going through the maintenance phase of the program, I have started walking. The trick is finding something you enjoy to do for exercise. I have not quite found that yet, but I am hoping to keep up with the walking daily to help with my maintenance program.

So far, I have lost 33 pounds and I went from a size 16 petite to a size 6! I feel and look so much better and everyone I know can’t believe how great I look. I enjoy seeing people that I haven’t seen in months because they are shocked to see how much more trim I look! I am 61 years old and I haven’t been this small since I was in high school.

I do not like water and this program requires that you drink lots of water every day; therefore I have come up with a solution where I take my GreenLite Medicine water bottle and put crystal light packets in it, creating pink lemonade instead of plain water. Greenlite has taught me that even though I am not a cook, a premade Costco chicken goes a long way, and it is pretty easy to put fresh asparagus in the microwave to complete the meal.

Since I lost weight I feel so much better about myself and that affects every part of my life. I don’t really have any special talents or hobbies. I am a real estate agent (as I have been for over 35 years) and I find that I have more energy to deal with all aspects of my job. I also have more energy to play with my grandchildren, which is the highlight of my life! I guess you might say they are my hobby, it takes a lot of energy to keep up with toddlers and babies, but now I am able to!”



New Product Tuesday: “Nike +” and “iMap My” Apps

GreenLite New Product TuesdaysIf you love the release you feel from a daily run or the enjoy the serenity that a brisk walk adds to your hectic week, this week’s product Tuesday brings you two amazing technological tools that can take your exercise routine to a fun, new level.

The Nike + iPod App and “iMap My” app are two great tools that can log detailed exercise statistics on your walk or run that integrates with your smart phone. These stats include distance, duration, GPS tracking & interactive maps, speed and calories burned. Each app has their pros and cons, so continue reading to find out which is best for your healthy lifestyle. The fun tools could be just the right push of motivation to help you get active every day of the week!

Splurge_Save Nike plus iPod, iMapMy



Both Apps can be purchased a la carte, downloaded on your smart phone and can be ready to log your exercise route and stats in a matter of minutes (supported by google maps). Additionally, both companies also offer great “add on’s” that boost the technology and information on you workouts even further.

SPLURGE on “Nike +” system: Nike offers a ton of extra add on’s for most exercise routines and technological devices. The overall concept of the “Nike +” series is it’s ability to be compatible with the “Nike +” shoe line. The shoes were originally designed to work in tandem with the tracking technology to provide the most luxurious exercise experience.

  • Nike + iPhone App: Unlike previous Nike+ iPod offerings, no special sensors or kits are required for this app to function. The “Nike + App” has all the benefits of the “Nike +” system without the fancy gadgets. Some great features on this app include the voice feedback — which announces the progress of your exercise routine— and the ability to tap on the map at anytime to see how far you’ve gone. Also, Nike’s popular PowerSongs feature lets you setup and play specific songs for different types of runs, which is prompted to play by hitting the the center button, when you need an extra burst of melodic motivation. The app also syncs with, Nike’s online community, users can set goals, track and share their progress through Facebook and Twitter. It should be noted the GPS function will not work with the iPod touch.

The other Nike + tools rely on the Nike ” foot pod” sensor which fits conveniently in the tongue of the “Nike +” shoe series. These tools include :

  •  Nike + Sport watch GPS: The GPS sensor is more accurate that the “foot pod” alone and offers an up-to-the-second read out of your speed and distance. Your run is uploaded to the Nike+ website and stored.
  • Nike + iPod nano: For those who don’t have a smart phone but still want to use the GPS and exercise tracking technology.
  • Nike + Sport Band: The SportBand is the “bare bones” of the series that combines an accurate pedometer with the web component for fitness-tracking experience.

Check out Nike’s impressive video on the Nike + series:


SAVE on “iMapMy” Free App: With extremely similar functionality to the “Nike +” apps, the “MapMyRun” series offers the same tracking functions with just little less glamor and without the big brand name. The app offers the same distance, speed and calorie tracking capability, a similar online community and social networking integration. This app also offers online nutritional tracking capability with their online community. The “iMap My” is the basic free app, but the company also offers other sporting apps (the “+” app series) for $1.99 each. These add free versions include:

  • iMap my Run
  • iMap my Ride
  • iMap my Hike
  • iMap my Walk
  • iMap my Fitness

Map My Fitness also sells a few supplementary accessories to support their exercise Apps. They offer a heart strap, stride sensor, phone cases and a few other fun toys. Check out their marketplace to see all they’ve got to offer.


Nike Plus iPod:

4/5 greenlite stars

Nike guarantees 90% accuracy when measuring distance however, Nike has disclaimed that they are working out some program errors with Mac iOS5 but are working on the bugs. Users have reported bugs in older versions of the App in the past, which was promptly smoothed out by Nike.

The GPS tracking ability of the accessories have been reported to be faulty by some consumers. And some marathon runner have reported that the “Nike +” accessories have died after long continued use ( with these users logging about 10-20 miles per use).

“iMap My” App: 

4/5 greenlite stars

This free App’s tracking accuracy is on par with the Nike application. Some users have even claimed that it surpasses Nike’s. But you will have to endure the sponsored ads that allow this app to be free.

The “+” series don’t include ads, however, all the various apps for different exercises (iMap my Run, iMap ride etc..) seem a bit gimicky. We’d advise if you’re going to shell out the $1.99 for add free tracking, then opt for the nike version.


“Nike + iPod”:

3 out 5 GreenLite Stars

From a standing start, the “Nike +” package may seem fairly expensive. Apple’s mid-range, 4GB iPod nano will cost you $199, and a pair of Nike Plus compatible shoes runs between $90 and $110. Throw in a $29 sports armband and the $29 kit itself and you’re looking at an investment of around $350. But if you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes and already have an iPhone or iTouch. Ultimately it depends on what support you’re looking for in your workout routine.

“iMap My” App:

5/5 greenlite stars

You can’t really beat the cost of free. But you will have to wait through this app’s sponsored ads, because nothing in our capitalistic society is ever truly free. As far as their “+” series and accessories, we think that if you’re serious about using these tools in your workout, it might be wise to make the investment in the “Nike” tools, and spend the extra money for the deluxe experience.


“Nike + iPod”:

4/5 greenlite stars

The “Nike +” app is available in the app store of your nearest smart phone or iTunes. The shoes and accessories are available online, as well as NikeTown Stores, Sports Authority, Target and other sporting goods stores. Click here to find a full list of Nike vendors.

“iMap My” App:

5/5 greenlite stars

If you have an iPhone or Andriod, this App can be yours in a matter of seconds. Just hit up you Phone’s App store or head over to iTunes to download the free version of this app. The “+” version’s can also be found in the same App stores. If your


While walking and running only required some good old motivation and a decent pair of shoes in the past, in this century, it seems like everything can be improved upon with use of modern technology. These tools could take your workout routine to the next level and may even be a fun way to motivate yourself to get moving!

Since the “iMapMy” app is free, why not take it for a test run? See how you like the functions of the app and if you fall in love or are feeling like you’d like more detailed support, go for the “Nike +” series.

A wise weight loss word of warning: be careful not to account for the “calorie burned” functions on these apps. These things aren’t very accurate and will only sabotage your exercise and weight loss efforts if you “add back” the calories you’ve spent.

Myths and Facts about Sugar Alternatives

file5911251144322Written By Michal Yaron, Nutritionist & Health Educator

Research shows that humans have an inborn desire for sweetness. While historically essential for survival, being naturally drawn to sweetness isn’t helpful when people are trying to lose weight in this modern age. This is why more and more consumers and manufacturers seek no or low-calorie alternatives to white table sugar, without sacrificing sweetness. Yet this welcomed trend raises misconceptions and confusion over which sugar alternatives are the best. Continue reading

Real Weightloss Story | Jessica

Last year I went to the eye doctor for my yearly exam and was told that my eyes sight had gotten 75% worse. As blindness due to diabetes runs high in my family, my panic mode set in.  Being overweight, becoming a diabetic was always in the back of my mind and I knew that I really did not want to test my blood everyday. My husband and I were trying to get pregnant at that time, and I was told I diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). I found out that diabetes was strongly correlated with PCOS. We tried different fertility drugs, which negatively effected my body and contributed to gaining weight. After the multiple attempts to get pregnant failed, we decided to take a break. Emotionally, I was checked out, and physically, even though it was hard to accept, I was already at an unhealthy weight even if I did get pregnant. I needed time to focus and take care of myself before I could go forward with getting pregnant. I had heard about Greenlite Medicine on the radio and the fact that program provides support from health educators and medical providers, I immediately knew it was the answer I had been looking for. I had hit my rock bottom and knew that this was my last chance to loose the weight and be truly happy and healthy. As a girl, I always dreamed of having a baby and being told that may not happen turned my world upside down.  I knew I had to do the program and loose weight for myself, but I also hold the hope in my heart that I will have children someway and someday. I want to be healthy so I can pass onto my children how to live a healthy life and hopefully have them not struggle with their weight as I have throughout life.

Before coming to GreenLite I had tried so many different diet programs and was never able to lose more than 10 pounds and could never keep any of it off. I started the program on November 29, 2010 and immediately noticed that the entire staff was very supportive and friendly. I love my health educator Molly and immediately felt a great connection with her. She was always there to support me and provided me with the guidance to keep going forward. When I started GreenLite, I made a decision to stop drinking soda, I used to drink a Super Big Gulp diet soda probably everyday. I had my last diet coke the night before I started and went cold turkey from then on. That was the biggest struggle to me as my body was so used to the caffeine, so I had a difficult time with headaches for the first two weeks of program. I now cant stand to drink anything carbonated and only drink water.

When I think back about what and how much I used to eat and drink, it blows my mind. During my first week I followed the daily menu’s provided, to get a feeling of what I could eat and what I liked. My husband does not cook, so when I started the program, he kind of did too. I wanted to make it a point that he did not have to change what he ate because I was on program, but that I was not going to make two different dinners. After two or three months, I felt completely comfortable on the eating program. I was shocked at how I was not tempted or craved any of the foods I had before. My husband and my parents are eating healthier since I started and shared what I have learned.

The support I got from the GreenLite staff, my husband and family contributed to my success. I couldn’t be more grateful to them as I know my life has changed truly changed for the better. GreenLite has helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel and know that anything is possible! I workout five times a week, I enjoy running, walking and strength training. Last year I ran/walked the Disneyland Half Marathon and my time was 3 hours and 30 mins. This year, I participated in the 2011 San Francisco Half Marathon and with all the weight I have lost,  I ran 10 miles straight and finished in 2 hours/43 mins. Mentally and physically, I am in the best shape I have ever been in! I used to take a nap everyday and sleep so much every night, but now my energy level is through the roof. I have much more confidence now and am a much happier person in general which helps in my relationships with friends and family. I feel like my life has just  begun and I know that I have been given the knowledge and tools to continue my success in the future.

These past two years, I had only been focusing on having a baby. Now, as I feel happier and healthier, I feel like my life has just begun and realized that just like my weight loss, timing is everything. It took me this long to conquer my weight, so its only a matter of time that I become a mother.

Weight Loss Story | Dana G.

Weight Loss Story | Dana G.Upon finishing my master’s degree, I decided that it was time to do something positive for my health, and decided it was time to give GreenLite Medicine a try. My sister is a GreenLite client and has been very successful. So, it was time that I give it a try too!

I began my experience with GreenLite in June of 2010 and found it to be a very positive experience. I have really enjoyed the staff that I have interacted with, especially Zoe, the receptionist, who always greets me with a smile when I walk through the door. Pam was the first health educator that I worked with. I enjoyed working with her, but when Pam left, I began working with Nancy. I have enjoyed creating a relationship with Nancy, and she has been a wealth of knowledge.

I chose GreenLite Medicine because IT WORKS! My sister had such a positive experience, and expressed that it was pretty simple, and I definitely agree with her. It is a very simple program. I enjoy seeing someone on a weekly basis, who knows my strengths and weaknesses. I also like that I can easily see a medical provider at any time if I have questions. I have learned a lot about myself through this journey and have realized my success is all about the choices that I make.

I exercise fairly often, working out between four to five hours a week. I go to the gym and sometimes take classes or use an exercise machine, run the track or trails with co-workers, and I have recently begun taking yoga which I have found that I really enjoy.

I have come to really appreciate Trader Joe’s, as I have a “grab and go” kind of lifestyle. I am not one that enjoys cooking all that much. I have found that Trader Joe’s has a lot of options that are fast and easy.

I am a fairly active person, I love river rafting! My favorite river is the South Fork of the American River. I have also taken rafting trips in the Grand Canyon and Alaska. I have a strong belief in volunteerism. I have volunteered with Northern California Special Olympics since 1998 and have coached several sports and enjoy watching sports. I enjoy football, baseball, and hockey. I have also participated in several races including the Santa Cruz Half Marathon which I completed three times. Currently, I am training for the San Francisco Half Marathon in July and I’ve asked a few people at work if they would be interested in running it with me. Now five of us meet out on the track two days a week!

For me the secret has been the importance of protein. I did not eat nearly enough protein prior to coming to GreenLite. I have found that I love Greek yogurt, and if you are not a yogurt fan, you can throw it in a smoothie!

One thing that I really like about Greenlite is that your weight loss goals are set within ranges that are truly healthy and realistic for you. This is the first program that I have done that actually measures my lean muscle mass and takes that into account when looking at my BMI. As I approach my goal, I feel like I will be in a very healthy and realistic place.