7 Tips for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

file000570106690 (1)Happy 2014!  For most of us, a new year means a new year’s resolution.

While our positivity and motivation are always high when we first set our goals, sometimes we feel them waning by February.  This year, stop the cycle of resolving to make a change, but then not following through.  Here are a few simple tips on how to hit the ground running and maintain that pace toward a positive change in your life.  Continue reading

Understanding Organic Food: 7 Easy Ways to Include Them Into Your Life


What does the word organic actually mean? And why is it so important? For some it might mean that it’s a healthier option and for others it may mean that it’s more expensive. In this article, you’ll come to understand the definition of the term organic in our food system and find some practical tips for incorporating organics in your day-to-day life.  Continue reading

Cherishing Numero Uno


Pink flowersBody image so often plays a major role in our day to day lives, both internally and externally.

It is how we as individuals view our bodies and what environmental factors have shaped that viewpoint. For instance, family and friend interactions, social media, the medical world and even the government play a role in how we view our bodies. Often we become wrapped up in what the body may or may not look like instead of awareness around how it feels.  Continue reading

Client Spotlight Kimberly B.

Client Spotlight Kimberly B.

I have always had a love-hate relationship with my weight. I would almost make it to my goal and then my weight would plateau. The bouncing back and forth between the gain and lose phases was just something I had accepted. It was never really a big issue until after graduating college; stress became a huge factor in my life, which led to my horrible eating habits and serious lack of motivation. Morning cinnamon buns and soda were an optimal breakfast, right? How could I go from being an active young woman, who purposely took the stairs to class, enjoyed going to the gym, and loved eating grilled fish to a person with no motivation, lack of self worth, and a sweet-a-holic? And just to think, it only took less than three months to gain 20 pounds, at this rate I was sure to be headed down a path similar to some ofmy family members; one that involved diabetes and high blood pressure. Not to mention the sudden increase in weight didn’t help with my asthma. When I noticed my clothes started fitting way too tight and I was breathing heavy going up five steps, I knew I had to take action now!

I started the program in the beginning of November, 2011. I had just turned twenty-five in September and my quarter of a century age told me it was time to start making some serious changes! When I first walked in, it just felt warm, felt like home. I had previously done weight loss programs before and always felt embarrassed to step on a scale in front of people. At GreenLite, my health educator, Nancy, made me feel at home. In fact, everyonedid! I learned a little bit from everyone. They taught me how to diffuse my stress, make healthier eating choices and I have actually been able to sleep! Cupcakes and cookies no longer plague my life and I have learned to replace them with healthy home cooked meals in addition to exercise.

I actually enjoy going to the grocery store and cooking now since I have been on the program. I was never really a cook, boiling water was aboutthe extent of my cooking abilities and not knowing the difference between transfat, low fat, etc. never really helped me make wise decisions at the grocery store. I learned how to read the back of a food label…properly and it encouraged me to try and cook new and exciting dishes!

One of my favorite recipes is GreenLite’s very own cauliflower mash! It goes as a great side with my famous garlic grilled chicken, which calls for real chucks of garlic, McCormick’s Garlic and Herb seasoning, garlic and onion powder, and a dash of garlic salt. I use Pam so the chicken doesn’t stick to the pan and burn. Sometimes I sprinkle a little bit of low fat feta cheese on top to add a little extra flavor!

I had tried other programs, but they never catered to my needs. GreenLite’s program follows guidelines that I had never knew about, nor tried. It was the best choice towards making a healthy lifestyle change because it taught me how to get the best nutrients from real food and vitamins, as opposedto prepackaged meals. That’s something in the long haul I knew would help me stabilize my weight once I reached my goal.

Now that I have gotten back into the swing of things, I set a goal for myself to work out at least 30 minutes a day; most of the time I can go for 40-60 minutes. I enjoy cardio, which includes cycling, elliptical, and running. I also incorporate strength training three to four times out of the week alternating between legs, arms, and abs. My gym also offers a great yoga class, I recently started and it helps to relieve some of the excess stress that builds throughout the week, while also improving my posture. By combining healthy eating and a little strength training I was able to gain 5 pounds in lean muscle mass and since I have started the program, my body fat has dropped 13.9 %.

One of my passions is to be an event planner part time. Event planners are always on the go, non-stop, have to be sharp and on their toes constantly. Now that GreenLite has given me my spark back, I have been working on a few projects for friends and family. In fact, I just finished planning ababy shower and it turned out great! Without learning how to control my stress,I don’t think I would have been able to do so! Also, instead of dedicating my time to the couch as I once did, I have considered participating in a marathon this fall. My aunt died of Breast cancer two years ago, and being able to run for a cause is something worth dedicating my time to. Not to mention I look forward to spending some time training with my friends!

Marcus D’s Weight Loss Evolution

radio alice dj Marcus D before and after weight loss at greenlite medicine

GreenLite Medicine is proud to have Alice Radio’s very own DJ Marcus D participating in our Weight Loss Program. Alice Radio listeners will also have the chance to enter to win 2 free months on the GreenLite program and “Win and Lose” alongside Marcus D for the New Year. Follow his progress here on GreenLite’s blog and let him know what you think.

“Not sure about you, but I weigh myself every day. I mean, I walk by one at least twice a day and I HAVE to know. The good news is, ever since I started my journey with Greenlite, the days of “oh man…I’ve gained 15 pounds in the last six months, how am I EVER going to lose this?” are over. Now I can’t WAIT to step on the scale.

By the time I weigh in during my meeting with Holly tomorrow, I anticipate being a full 15 pounds down. That’s HALF of my goal. It’s AMAZING how shedding 15 pounds will make you feel. You KNOW you look good in pictures, no need to do any tricks to make your face look smaller, it already is. I have so much more energy so I’ve stepped up my workouts at the gym to include spinning and basketball. Both total fat burners.

If you are still on the fence about joining Greenlite, you have nothing to lose, except (like me) that extra weight that has been holding you back for so long. The staff have a proven weight-loss method and it WORKS. The time is NOW. If you are reading this and you are in the middle of the program too, don’t get cocky. It’s been easy for me to want to “let up off the gas” because I am feeling SOOO good about myself but my goal of 30 pounds down is in sight! If anything, I need to go harder! If you are, compliment your individual plan with some exercise or cardio that you LOVE. For me, it’s cycling and basketball with my fiancée. We had so much fun ballin’ this week that I forgot it was cardio. I also apparently forgot about my jump-shot too because she absolutely schooled me with her cross-over dribble.

Time to get back after it. Cross your fingers for my weigh in tomorrow. And know that I am rooting for you.”

-Marcus D.”



Shirley M Has Kept the Weight Off for Three Years


“I’m also able to receive support even after reaching my weight loss goal, and this is important for my long term plan to keep it off!”

My older brother has challenged each of us to do “something that would push us” on the occasion of our 60th birthdays — he was able to train for and climb Mt. Whitney. I turned 60 this year, so it was my turn to take on a challenge. Although my original plan was a horseback riding adventure in Europe, a series of injuries and personal issues took that off the table. I began to realize it was time to address my weight and fitness levels. I would not only “push” myself, but I was determined to fulfill horseback riding in Europe when the time came. The only way to achieve my goals was if I lost 60 pounds. Continue reading

Marcus D’s Weight Loss Evolution

radio alice dj Marcus D before and after weight loss at greenlite medicine

GreenLite Medicine is proud to have Alice Radio’s very own DJ Marcus D participating in our Weight Loss Program. Alice Radio listeners will also have the chance to enter to win 2 free months on the GreenLite program and “Win and Lose” alongside Marcus D for the New Year. Follow his progress here on GreenLite’s blog and let him know what you think.

“I’ll just eat less.  I’ll work-out more. Drink tons of water. Piece of cake.”

Did someone say…cake?

What you don’t realize is that as an adult, there are so many paths to failure with food that it makes losing weight alone an almost insurmountable task.  You need direction, you need guidance and past that, you need support.  The holidays came and went.  So I’m in the clear, right?  Wrong.  A business trip to Hawaii for a four day live ALICE broadcast from the Disney resort seemed harmless enough.  I’ll just live on the beach on salads and ahi poke…no problem.  Oh, but in Hawaii there’s fried rice, macaroni salad, loco moco, spam musubi and tropical drinks with slices of pineapple and little umbrellas in them.  It made my head spin.  But with each passing day and each box of chocolate dipped macadamia nut shortbread cookies that called my name, I realized that my time at Greenlite had taught me a very valuable trait: discipline.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t become the “no thank you” guy overnight.  I ate my share of barbequed chicken wings and drank a bit of vodka soda.  I mean, the 49ers were one game away from the SUPERBOWL, what was I supposed to do?  That was “real life.” But the discipline I’ve learned at Greenlite made it possible for me to PASS on the fried rice, pass on the mac salad and anything that had the word “chocolate” in front of it.  Instead, I gave myself little rewards, spent my time running on the beach, lifting in the gym (and the spa) and thought about how amazing I am going to feel when I reach my goal.  I learned that the more often you ask yourself “Should I eat this, or that?” the more making proper food choices becomes a lifestyle.  And the less you have to think about it, the easier it gets to turn down that piece of cake.  Suffice to say I couldn’t have done it without the ladies at GreenLite.

Results so far? Eight pounds down, twenty two to go.  1 and a half pounds of muscle gained. And minus FIVE percent total body fat.  Now that’s real-life discipline.

-Marcus D.”



Partners for Health

Romantic Sunset Runners

Written by Nancy Lepow-Marrone

The past few months I found myself lacking motivation to workout. I have found it harder and harder to get back into my daily routine, which usually consists of going to the gym a few days a week and hiking a couple days a week.  Most of the time, I found myself getting home from work and talking myself out of my daily workout with any excuse I could think of: “I’m exhausted, I need to do more laundry, my back hurts,” and the list continues.  As time passed, I found that I was becoming more and more creative with the excuses I used for not exercising; as a result I started to feel really bad about myself…What’s wrong with me? I always enjoyed working out, where did my fitness love connection go?

That night I was talking on the phone with my best friend and venting to her about how I have lost my motivation to exercise, ironically she was going through the same thing but was too embarrassed to tell me.  There is no better way to be held accountable than by working out with someone else, so by the end of the phone conversation we made a commitment to one another that we would workout together the next day. I was really determined to get started again, so I made sure I brought my workout clothes to work with me to avoid any risk of getting home and finding an excuse to sabotage my workout.

After our scheduled workout I felt excellent, and actually to be honest it was a heartwarming and enjoyable experience. We were able to chat about our obstacles, teach each other new exercises, push ourselves to stay 15 minutes longer then we planned to, it was great and felt great.  It was clear that our fitness levels were different but it didn’t matter, we were working out again!  I think the best thing about our workout was that we were able to spend time together; which our schedules usually don’t allow, and we had a chance to gossip and catch up for the week.  When we finished we decided that we would make it a point to get together twice a week and so far so good.  We have also come up with some great workout routines together!

My husband has noticed how motivated I have become again and it actually has rubbed off on him.  The both of us have decided to hike at least twice a week together and we are going to focus on being more creative about where we hike, so that we don’t get bored with the same trail week over week. Mixing it up has really helped with our motivation to get out and get moving.  Not to mention, a beautiful hike coupled with a healthy meal makes a great V-day date!

I have to be honest, time flies by when I workout with my best friend or with my husband, and I’m actually having fun doing the workouts! I am no longer looking at my workouts as just another thing “I have to do.”  The time spent working out provides quality time together and we get to catch up on life while improving ourselves. So the solution to lacking motivation this month is to focus on loving your heart, figuratively and literally speaking! Jumping back into your routine not only gets you healthy, but it can rub off on others around you too!

NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!  Get out there and do something heartfelt for yourself, grab your sweetie, friend, or a relative and get back into getting that heart-pounding! It will make you and your workout partner feel better, both physically and mentally!!!


Real Weight Loss Story | Renee L.

Real Weight Loss Story | Renee L.“I weighed more than I had ever weighed in my life. I wore a size 16 petite and that is the largest size there is for my small body frame. I am only 4 foot 11, none of my clothes were fitting me and I was tired of buying bigger sizes.  During a conversation with my best friend, she mentioned she was worried about my health and expected me to be around for a long time. That’s when I realized that I was heavy and that I needed to do something in order to become a healthier person.

I started GreenLite Medicine on May 25, 2011. From the minute I walked in the door Zoe, the receptionist, made me feel very comfortable and welcome. I met with Dr. Rugh and found out that I had high blood pressure which I never knew about prior to my first visit at GreenLite. I started the program without the appetite suppressant, which at first concerned me because I always felt hungry. Dr. Rugh prescribed a blood pressure medication, got my blood pressure into the normal range, and then I was given the lowest dosage of the appetite suppressant to assist me with reaching my weight loss goals. Dr. Rugh is a warm, caring person who is also very professional, and she tends to the needs of all her clients.  I also had a chance to meet with Heather, the nurse practitioner, a couple of times and she was just as supportive, warm, and professional as everyone else working at GreenLite.

My health educator Holly was wonderful and I attribute much of my success to her. She was so supportive and offered a variety of resources to help me through my weight loss journey.  Without me even realizing it, she helped me to understand that this is really a lifestyle change, not just quick fix to get weight off and then go back to my normal unhealthy habits.  Bread, pasta, sugar…these are all items that we don’t necessarily need and I have learned how to effectively eat them sparingly. On Special occasions, once a week, or when in the maintenance phase you can have these foods, moderation is the key. If I gain one pound or two, I immediately would get back to eating 1000 calories a day for the next few days and I would eat protein, vegetables, and fruit. This routine helps easily shed any extra pounds I may have gained. After years of trying every diet there is I finally get it and know I can keep my weight under control thanks to Holly!

I choose this program because a friend of mine went to GreenLite and lost 40 pounds in a few months. She looked great and told me about what she was doing to reach her weight loss goals. She said she had tried every other program, just like me, and that this program was easy to follow. The appetite suppressants were really helpful, as time went on I began to feel less hungry and my body became accustom to small portions.

I really didn’t exercise much while on the program. I was on the treadmill 20 minutes a day for a week and then I lost interest. I realize exercise is important and now that I am going through the maintenance phase of the program, I have started walking. The trick is finding something you enjoy to do for exercise. I have not quite found that yet, but I am hoping to keep up with the walking daily to help with my maintenance program.

So far, I have lost 33 pounds and I went from a size 16 petite to a size 6! I feel and look so much better and everyone I know can’t believe how great I look. I enjoy seeing people that I haven’t seen in months because they are shocked to see how much more trim I look! I am 61 years old and I haven’t been this small since I was in high school.

I do not like water and this program requires that you drink lots of water every day; therefore I have come up with a solution where I take my GreenLite Medicine water bottle and put crystal light packets in it, creating pink lemonade instead of plain water. Greenlite has taught me that even though I am not a cook, a premade Costco chicken goes a long way, and it is pretty easy to put fresh asparagus in the microwave to complete the meal.

Since I lost weight I feel so much better about myself and that affects every part of my life. I don’t really have any special talents or hobbies. I am a real estate agent (as I have been for over 35 years) and I find that I have more energy to deal with all aspects of my job. I also have more energy to play with my grandchildren, which is the highlight of my life! I guess you might say they are my hobby, it takes a lot of energy to keep up with toddlers and babies, but now I am able to!”



New Product Tuesday: doTerra Essential Oils

GreenLite New Product TuesdaysHow many times have you opened the food cabinet looking for something to eat despite having had a meal only an hour before, or maybe seeking food to give yourself a “lift”, or get past the boredom, or ease the stressful feeling under your skin? In our fast paced, post industrial world, it is extremely easy to be unaware of why we seek food. Sometimes we may think we feel hungry, but if we truly “check in” with our body, we may just simply want to eat. We may realize that our attempt to fill our stomach or stimulate our taste buds may simply be a call to fill an emotional void or relive stress from a hectic day.

At GreenLite we try to provide our clients with as many tools as possible to support them in their weight loss efforts. We think aromatherapy and doTerra essential oils can be an extremely useful tool to not only help manage your stress levels but can also help to curb emotional eating.


5/5 greenlite stars

“A scent is worth 10,000 words.” You simply need to experience essential oils in order to fully understand and believe in its power, even WE were skeptical at first. Many of us at GreenLite Medicine were new to aromatherapy but became advocates after we experienced the oils first hand. Watch for yourself and check out the video below to see how the high stress environment of Vanderbilt’s Emergency Room was affected by the oils:

Aromatherapy can induce feelings of relaxation or alternatively elevate the mood, depending on the oils used. The olfactory (smelling) organ in the nose is closely located to parts of the brain that influence emotions and influence the reward centers of the brain. Aromatherapy can influence various emotional problems and stress levels which can sometimes result in overeating.

For the past month we have been sampling doTerra essential oils in our Mountain View office for our clients to experience first-hand. Although there are many essential oils available on the market, we were particularly impressed by doTerra’s exceptional level of quality control. DoTerra is the only company who’s oils are classified as Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® and are 100% natural, free of any contaminants such as pesticides or other chemical residues. The herbs used for their oils surpass organic standards and special care is taken so the oils are properly extracted and distilled. Many of their oils are pure enough to be ingested internally (one drop of peppermint oil equals 20 cups of peppermint tea!). The more common ways to experience the aroma is to drop the oils on pressure points or to place the oils in a diffuser (a machine that heats and disperses the oil in the air).

DoTerra offers a wide variety of single oils, (lavender, peppermint, orange) as well as oil blends (serenity, purity, elevation) and even has a blend specific to appetite control, called “Slim & Sassy”, which is a blend of grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger, and cinnamon. The price of the oils range from $14 to $50 depending on the type and blend of oil, and considering the outstanding quality of doTerra products, this price is relatively reasonable compared to other oils on the market.

Experience the oils for yourself and sample them in our Mountain View location. You can also enter our raffle for a chance to win yourself a complementary bottle of essential oil! If you are a client that doesn’t come to the Mountain View office and you’re interested in sampling the doTerra products, simply ask the front desk and we can arrange an aromatherapy experience for you at your GreenLite location. GreenLite is currently selling a limited quantity of the essential oils, but if you are interested in the full spectrum of doTerra products, they are available online.

NOTE: GreenLite has NO financial incentive or arrangement with Do Terra’s representative for the sales of their oils. We only offer the purchase of the oils as a convenience to our clients.