Sugar: What Every Parent Should Know

sugar what parents need to knowHealth authorities have said for years that approximately 70% of disease is directly related to what we eat and drink.

The US Surgeon General ranks being overweight or obese as the #1 public health concern because of the disease consequences are greater than those of any infectious disease epidemic. Remember, too, that our children are not an exception here!  Continue reading

Myths and Facts about Sugar Alternatives

file5911251144322Written By Michal Yaron, Nutritionist & Health Educator

Research shows that humans have an inborn desire for sweetness. While historically essential for survival, being naturally drawn to sweetness isn’t helpful when people are trying to lose weight in this modern age. This is why more and more consumers and manufacturers seek no or low-calorie alternatives to white table sugar, without sacrificing sweetness. Yet this welcomed trend raises misconceptions and confusion over which sugar alternatives are the best. Continue reading