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Susan G.

Age: 67 years old

Start Weight: 182.8 lbs

End Weight: 126.8 lbs*

Weight Lost: 56 lbs*

Biggest Life Change: Gained the energy* to exercise and travel with her family

Most Mindful Tip: Limit sweets and water

I was obese, and at the age of 67, it increased all the morbidity factors that would increase the likelihood of illness or death. I knew I needed a physician’s guidance. So, I started on April Fool’s Day with a contract with myself that I would follow the diet completely and find within a realistic six month period of time, I would lose 45 pounds.*

This was my expectation of myself. I heard the GreenLite commercial on the radio KRTY and decided this was a contract, a plan, and a place to go.

On April Fool’s Day 2015, I met Dr. Rugh who seemed knowledgeable and pleasant. Nancy also worked with me – giving me positive feedback even if I slowed down my weight loss at times. I ended going home, feeling positive about myself. Both Dr. Rugh and Nancy have helped me stay positive. Dr. Rugh is an expert in explaining weight loss. I am an RN in Critical Care and understand how professional both Dr. Rugh and Nancy are and appreciate them. What  a great group to partner with to help me lose the weight I needed to.

I love to run, always have unless sick or broken. Since joining GreenLite, I was able to increase running to 4-5 days/week and from 6 miles to 10 miles (once a week). I also work out with weight, twice a week – love push-ups – manly style. I had more energy and am more positive about myself – it is a life change. I love to buy new clothes and finally at the right size to wear even my special clothes. I feel I can take on anything!

I garden weekly all year and live on a large ranch with lots of chores. Now, I have the energy to get the work completed.* I’m more positive about myself and joined a Board which preserves “The Sierra’s.” I travel internationationally by myself to have tours with my children and grandchildren and showing them the world. They are very happy with my fitness!

My favorite recipe to share is simple. Buy chicken breasts without skin. Cut up and soak spinach and portabella mushrooms with 1 Tbs of peanut sauce, 350 @ only 25 cal/Tbs. Add in artichoke hearts. I stay away from eating out but can select the right foods by replacing starches with non-buttered greens, such as spinach, and fish. I don’t eat any snacks, very limited sweets and drink, drink, drink, and drink WATER!

*Actual results may vary

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