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car-690275_1280Vacations are wonderful to take time out for yourself and recharge from your hectic life. But how will you stay on track with your weight loss journey being away?

Here are 5 simple tips to maintain your weight loss:

1) Focus on your goal: Re-evaluate your weight loss goal before you leave. Place stickie notes with your goal in your wallet, on your phone and in your bathroom mirror to remind you that you are moving in that direction.

2) Stay active: Enjoy evening walks watching the sun go down, bike rides, swimming or even taking public transportation. There are lots of ways to burn calories and keep your fitness level consistent while enjoying vacation.

3) Pack snacks: Remember, when you’re sitting around at the airport or a long car ride, healthy food may be hard to come by. Plan ahead and pack food that fits your dietary and weight loss plan. Don’t forget to get plenty of water and stay hydrated!

4) Reward yourself with a special activity instead of food: Fun and unusual experiences will give you a dopamine lift that elevates your mood. Vacation activity rewards can include a shopping spree, a massage, or something else that makes you feel refreshed and rewarded. Plus, feeling good makes it so much easier to stick to your weight loss goals.

5) Indulge with some treats, but don’t over do it: Vacation is a huge reward in itself, but exotic flavors and old favorites (like a good ol’ trip to the ice cream parlor) are part of what makes life sweet. Share treats with your loved ones, but plan ahead to burn those calories so you can do so guilt free and stay on track with your weight loss journey!

These are just a few of the ways you can plan ahead and stay active while enjoying vacation. When you get back, you’ll have lots of energy and you’ll be thankful you’re still on track with your weight loss goal.

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