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Stand up paddle boarding’s popularity has caught on fire in the last couple of years.  It is a fun, easy activity that almost anyone can do whether it is to compliment your weight-loss program or just as a great family activity loaded with health benefits.  If you need an excuse to take the family out for a fun day on the water, we got you covered.  Read on for some of the reasons you should give stand up paddle boarding a try this summer.

Connect with Nature: There is nothing more relaxing than hanging on or around the water.  Water is not only calming but also has a positive impact on your mood and mental health.  As an added bonus, you will also be getting vitamin D from the sunlight.

Low Impact: Low impact workouts are great for people who have experienced injuries or just prefer to participate in non-strenuous exercise that puts extra stress on the body.  It is easy on your joints, which makes paddle boarding the perfect workout for those who have knee or hip injuries.  Low impact workouts are also great for those in a weight-loss program who may just be getting back into working out.

Stress Management: Water is naturally soothing, and exercise helps release endorphins, which helps relieve stress.  Stand up paddle boarding combines both the benefits of being outdoors and from exercising.  If you are experiencing a stressful summer, stand up paddle boarding will really help you unwind.

Improves Balance: Participating in stand up paddle boarding helps improve your balance in several ways.  It requires you to stand in an upright position while maintaining your balance.  You are also paddling while concentrating on what is in front of you, which helps increase your focus. 

Full Body Workout: You use almost every muscle in your body while engaging in stand up paddle boarding.  Your core muscles are engaged due to the need for you to keep your balance while standing on the board.  Leg muscles are working to stabilize you while you are maintaining balance.  Arms and shoulders are working to propel your paddle through the water.

Cardio: If you paddle board long enough, stand up paddling can also become a good cardio workout.  If the goal is to get in a good cardio workout to complement your weight-loss program, consider challenging your friends to a paddle board race.  This will not only help increase your heart rate but make for good friendly competitive fun.

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