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Looking for an exercise that you can do at home, burn some serious calories, maximize fat loss, is a killer core workout, AND is fun?  Hula hooping checks all of those boxes.  Yes, that’s right… hula hooping!  Hula hooping (or as the cool kids call it, hooping) engages as many as 30 muscles in your body and packs a real punch for a full-body exercise in a short amount of time.  Below are a few benefits of hooping.

Feel the Burn: According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), hooping has been shown to burn off in excess of 400 calories per hour.  If you engage other body parts, such as the arms or thighs, the caloric burn can increase up to 600 calories per hour.

Spine Health: Hooping requires the spine to perform a substantial range of motion.  This increases flexibility, releases muscle tension, straightens and strengthens the spine, increases blood flow, and helps with realignment.  Hooping is great for strengthening the spine to prevent back injuries.

Cardio: The best news for cardio lovers (or haters) is that hooping counts towards your cardio workout.  You will sweat and get that heart rate up.  If you are looking for something quick and easy to start your day and gets the blood pumping, try hooping for 10 minutes in the morning.

Getting to the Core: Hooping on a regular basis strengthens several abdominal muscle groups and trims down your waist.  Aside from engaging core muscles, hooping targets and blasts visceral fat.  Visceral fat is the nasty fat that is stored deep around abdominal organs, such as the pancreas, liver, and intestines.  A high percentage of visceral fat is linked to coronary artery disease, type II diabetes, depression, and even sexual dysfunction.  GreenLite Tip: Looking for maximum fat loss?  Try a weighted hula hoop.

Hooping 411: If you do not know how to hula hoop, do not worry.  You can learn from DVD’s, YouTube videos, and even local classes.  There are even several Bay Area MeetUp groups!  There are insane amounts of hooping videos on tricks and routines that target certain body parts.  The warm weather is the perfect time to take advantage of hooping: taking a class in the park, going to the beach with a couple of friends, or even doing it in your backyard.

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