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<h4><strong>Stefanie C</strong></h4>
<h4><strong>Age:</strong> 31 years old</h4>
<h4><strong>Start Weight:</strong> 142.9 lbs</h4>
<h4><strong>End Weight:</strong> 114.8 lbs*</h4>
<h4><strong>Weight Lost:</strong> 28.1 lbs*</h4>
<h4><strong>Biggest Life Change: </strong>Improvement of overall nutrition</h4>
<h4><strong>Most Mindful Tip:</strong> Think about things you “don’t” eat rather than “can’t” eat</h4>


After my uncle had a fatal heart attack at the young age of 28, my doctor began to take a look at my health. I was 5 years old and already diagnosed with high cholesterol. At that point, my health was my parents’ concern, but once I was old enough to take responsibility for my own health, I realized that it was pretty difficult to make good decisions. <!–more–>I have been a variety of weights throughout my life, dieting on and off on my own. I knew the basics of what I needed to do to live a healthy lifestyle, but once I had a misstep, I found it hard not to be upset and give up. I also made the decision that although I have bad genetics; I am going to do everything in my power to try to make up for that. For me, a sense of accountability works really well. When I heard about Greenlite Medicine, I thought this might be the key to ultimately hitting and sticking to my health goals.

I began my journey with Greenlite Medicine in March 2014 and hit my goal weight by June 2014.* I was feeling so motivated that I decided to reset my goal and continued the program for an additional month.

One of my favorite things about Greenlite Medicine is that although I feel accountable to my health educator, every appointment was about how I was going to make the program work for me. Every week, Josie would ask me what I was going to focus on for the upcoming week, and she would help me talk that idea out a bit more. She would never tell me what I should be doing or focusing on, but rather put that responsibility in my hands, which I think is key to my success in the maintenance phase. I learned, I had missteps, and I corrected them all with as little or as much guidance as I asked for. I felt like Josie was a true partner who made it clear that she understands the daily challenges of life, but ultimately asked me what I was willing to do to face these challenges.

The main highlight of my experience that I will carry with me is that I realized just how amazing the body really is. If I made smart food choices, it would work for me, particularly after a bad meal decision. It began to get easier and easier to calculate what a mistake meant. I realized that it was never detrimental and never worth it to throw away all of my hard work because of one bad decision. That, to me is invaluable.

My brother had gotten a job with Greenlite Medicine and I had a rough few months of indulgence. I was lucky when it came to making this decision. The timing of all of this really worked in my favor. I hadn’t realized that programs like this existed and I was ready to make a change. Things couldn’t have aligned any better.

I try to exercise four times a week. The trick for me was finding something that I really loved, and Barre Method is that for me. I go at least three times and if it’s possible, I make this my workout all four days. When I am unable to go the four days, I fill in the gaps with the gym.

I was going to the gym, but I found that just showing up and using random machines did not provide the structure that I need for an effective workout. Once I discovered Barre Method, I made this a routine, and there aren’t many things that I will allow to interrupt this schedule. I find that it’s great “me” time and that kind of time is extremely important.

I have changed my lifestyle entirely, but I think my most favorite change is my overall nutrition. I no longer crave carbohydrates, which were my favorite before I began this journey! I enjoy an occasional piece of bread; but in excess, the way it makes my body feel, it isn’t worth it. I listen to my body and this generally doesn’t steer me wrong.

My dad and brother have always had an interest in nutrition and health, and since working with Greenlite Medicine, I too, have developed this interest. I find that this has affected my relationships with my family in a positive way since I can now join in on conversations with knowledge that I acquired from Greenlite Medicine.

I have also developed a real interest in exercise and have developed new friendships and strengthened existing ones through physical activity. Sharing a bottle of wine may now be replaced with exercise and a Greenlite Medicine-approved meal afterward.

I can be a lazy cook, so one of my favorite foods that I can prepare easily and in bulk is shredded chicken in a slow cooker. I find that I can add this to things, season each helping a bit differently; it helps with variety even though it’s coming from the same batch of chicken.

One of the lifestyle tricks that I have really embraced is never saying that I “can’t” eat something. There is something liberating about thinking about things I “don’t” eat rather than “can’t” eat. This leaves the control and decision in my hands, and I choose what I do or “don’t” eat on a daily basis. It’s never about “can’t.”

*Actual Results May Vary

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