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bottles-774466_640Staying hydrated helps boost your metabolism and keep your body feeling healthy, clean, and satisfied.  Staying hydrated is also good for weight-loss, because water helps to prevent you from snacking and overeating.  Here are some tips to help you get that water into your body:

Keep tabs on yourself. Put rubber bands around the top of your water bottle, depending on the amount of water you should be intaking every day.  Every time you finish a bottle, roll one of the bands to the bottom and try to get all of the rubber bands to the bottom by the end of the day.

Make it a competition. Have a friend or coworker who has no problem drinking tons of water?  Try to keep up with him or her and make it a friendly competition.  

Avoid the munching hour. Around the time you usually start feeling the munchies coming on, try drinking some water before you reach for that unhealthy treat.  This could prevent unnecessary snacking, because more often than not, your body is actually craving water and not food.  Plus, drinking water will help speed up your weight-loss process by cutting out the extra calories from unhealthy snacks.

Never be without water. Not drinking enough because you forgot your water bottle at work or at home?  Avoid that situation by keeping one everywhere.  Leave a water bottle at work, in your car, and in your gym bag, so you always have access to water and cannot make any excuses.

Make your water count. All water is good to drink, but you can also upgrade your water with electrolytes.  Electrolyte water keeps you hydrated and provides your body with essential nutrients to improve your body’s cellular functions and balance your body fluid levels.

Add a splash of flavor. Bored of plain water?  Try zero or low-calorie water flavor-enhancers, such as Mio or Nuun.  Even adding a little bit of flavor to your water might make you more inclined to sip it.  Just make sure to check that your flavor-enhancers are zero or low-calorie, so you are not sabotaging your weight-loss.


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