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Whether you are on a camping trip that requires you to sleep outside, the AC in your home is out, or you are trying to cut back on the electricity bill, sleeping while it is hot outside can be a challenge. Sleep quality plays an important part in effective weight-loss.  So, it is advantageous to have a game plan for the hot weather.  Below are 8 ways you can beat the heat when it is time for bed.

  1. Sleep in Cotton: While luxurious thread counts do feel good against the skin, you want to go for 200 to 400 thread count sheets during hot months.  The tighter the weave, the less breathable the sheets will be.  Consider sleeping in cotton pajamas, too.
  2. Reach for the H20: Drinking water is important, especially for effective weight-loss.  And doing so is even more vital when it is hot outside.  However, drinking too much water before bed may keep you up for obvious reasons.  Slow down on water consumption before bed, but keep water near your bed in case you need a few sips during the night.
  3. Take a Cold Shower: You may not be able to control the temperature outside or in your home, but you can help bring down your own body temperature by taking a cold shower before bed.
  4. Rinse Your Wrists: If you cannot get a cool shower, rinsing your wrists is the next best thing.  Rinsing your wrist with cold water and ice cubes helps cool your pulse points, which slowly helps cool the entire body.
  5. Sleep Alone: Sleeping with your partner will increase the heat in your bed.  Sleeping alone will give you the chance to spread eagle, which is the best sleeping position when you are trying to keep cool.
  6. Sleep Low: Heat rises. If you are used to sleeping in an upstairs bedroom, try sleeping downstairs.  If you live in an upstairs apartment, try sleeping on the floor.
  7. Lose Layers: Take bedding, such as duvets, off your bed. Sleep with sheets instead of blankets.
  8. Frozen Bedding: Pop your sheets and pillow cases into a bag and place them in the freezer a few hours before bed.  This may seem drastic, but when the temperatures are soaring, placing sheets in the freezer a few hours before bed will feel like heaven.
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