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In our previous article about getting from A to Zen, we named some technology tips that can help with mindfulness.  This time, we are going to focus on physical and mental things you can do in order to begin your path to zen.  Keep in mind, these are suggestions, not hard and fast rules.  The cornerstone of mindfulness is finding a consistent practice that works for you and your personal tastes.  Never try to force yourself.  Feel free to try these or modify them as you wish to make them useful to you.  We would love to hear from anyone who wants to share their mindfulness tips and tricks, especially if it relates to your diet.  Feel free to comment below!

Find a daily check-in.  Some may find it daunting when starting mindfulness.  Where to begin?  Here is a really easy trick.  Start by picking just one thing to add to your daily routine and do it in conjunction with something else you already do daily (i.e. after you brush your teeth or after you park your car at your office).  Ideas:

Body Observations: Take a few minutes out of your day to get in tune with your body.  Close your eyes and think about your body starting at your head and ending at your feet.  Think of it as a full-body zen scan.  How do you feel?  Does your back ache?  Do your legs feel particularly strong?  How is your energy level?  How does your diet make you stomach feel?  There are no right or wrong answers.  The point of the exercise is to simply just be in tune to what your body feels like in the moment.

Singular Focus: Take this tip from top athletes and choose one tangible thing to focus on.  Pick an object or sound that is in your direct vicinity and focus on it for a few minutes.

Good Vibes: Many zen followers practice the simple act of mentally sending someone good thoughts.  Thinking about someone else, with purpose and intent, tends to get you out of your own personal head space and leaves you more calm and relaxed.  It is akin to the school of thought that performing acts of kindness for others actually is more beneficial to the giver than the receiver.  Performing selfless acts or sending out good thoughts will in turn make you feel more zen.  Think about it in sheer numbers: if you practiced this every day for a month, that would be at least 28 messages of positivity you were sending out!

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