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Are you looking to add a little mindfulness to your daily dieting routine?  If you are a GreenLite Medicine blog reader, you may have read one or more of our articles about mindfulness and its benefits.  People who regularly practice mindfulness experience less stress, sleep better, and find it useful when dieting.  The key to regular mindfulness is how you approach it.  Instead of thinking that “getting zen” is another chore or thing to check off your to-do list, think of it as a treat or as fun.  There is no one-size-fits-all tactic that works for everyone’s personality or schedule.  The important thing is to keep trying different things until you find what works for you.  Here are a few ideas to get from A to Zen, so to speak.

Using Technology the Smart Way: Tech can be tricky.  There is certainly a time and place to unplug, especially at night when trying to wind down, but technology can also be your friend when it comes to mindfulness.  If they work for you, use gadgets in a smart way.

Relaxation: Think ambience.  Are you in front of a computer all day?  Make your screensaver a happy place.  Whether that means a picture of over the water bungalows in an island in Bora Bora or a basket of cute little puppies, pick something that makes your heart happy.  Try a digital photo frame that has some of your favorite photos on rotation.

Sound Machines: Sound machines are not just for sleep!  They are great to use in an office, too.  You can also try listening to a sound app in your car or on your device during your commute.  There are plenty of apps to suit any taste in relaxation.  Again, the name of the game is to find something you like.  If ocean waves do not make you relaxed, do not try to force yourself into making it work.  Stay true to what works for you.

Music: One word: playlist.  Either make your own zen relaxation playlist, or find a playlist or channel to follow on sites like Pandora or Spotify.  If you find yourself getting bored, do not be afraid to switch it up.

Guided Apps: Chances are you are using or have used a dieting app, which can be a great tool for motivation and accountability.  Relaxation apps can also be a great addition to help you decompress and get zen.  If you are someone who likes a more guided, step-by-step style, try a guided mindfulness app.

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