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Written by Nancy Lepow-Marrone, Health Educator

We all remember our first intake visit with GreenLite Medicine when our Health Educator goes over the part of the orientation book where it states, “Please stay away from breads, oatmeal cereal, cereals, grains, rice and pasta”. We all have our moment of panic with AT LEAST one of the listed items…for my husband, Frank, it was pasta. My husband is 100% Italian and pasta was pretty much a staple in his weekly diet. Let’s put it this way, you know your husband is a “true” Italian when he figures out how to work pasta into rice (no, I am not kidding), can you say RICE PILAF??

We all get through our first few weeks and then we realize how much better we start to feel and how much more energy we have without these complex carbohydrates in our diet. We notice that we aren’t retaining as much water, we start to feel less bloated and our skin even starts to look better! Well with all that “feeling good” why do we sometimes miss our “old friend” the complex carb??? There could be several reasons why we miss our complex carbs, but I find a lot of times its just the comfort of having a bowl of something warm and filling that reminds us of an old tradition.

One of the best “tools” that we have found on the GreenLite Medicine program are Shirataki Noodles. For those of you that have not tried them…PLEASE DO! I know that it’s sometimes hard to branch out and try something that you’re not familiar with, but it can really become a new staple for you…a new “best friend”! Shirataki Noodles are made from a root of a plant called the Konjac Elephant Yam and can be found in most super markets these days and can also be purchased online at miraclenoodle.com. I buy mine at Mitsuwa Marketplace right across the street from the San Jose office. Research has proven that the ingredients in the noodles can help control blood sugar levels, improve cholesterol and help in weight loss. Best of all, they are “FREE” on the program just like your lettuce greens and water!

There are several ways to use Shirataki Noodles. You can cut them into salads, use them in your favorite stir fry recipe, cut them into some Miso Soup for a quick snack (or any soup) and best of all ENJOY THEM JUST LIKE PASTA!

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