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Real Weight Loss Story | Sharon J.

Sharon J. 

Age: 48 years old

Start Weight: 163 lbs

End Weight: 147 lbs*

Weight Lost: 16 lbs*

Biggest Life Change: Not as tired, spending less time in bed

Most Mindful Tip: Use smaller plates and bowls

I heard about GreenLite Medicine while listening to KRTY during their version of the biggest loser competition. I heard the contestants talk about the program and how the medical and educational support they received was focused solely on weight loss. I was intrigued to say the least -I’ve been borderline diabetic for years but wasn’t completely diagnosed as a diabetic. I had no idea that just being “borderline diabetic” could be a factor in maintaining a healthy weight. Now, I get it! For me this is a lifelong change that will keep me healthy and looking fabulous!!!

My first appointment with GreenLite was on May 25th 2011. My goal was to lose 33 pounds, to date I’ve lost 16 pounds.* But I’m not done yet!!! First and foremost I want to thank Doctor Rugh for developing this program and assembling such a wonderful and caring staff. The Educator that I saw most regularly was Holly, I just adore her! She made me feel extremely comfortable and as I started to lose weight she showed me how to celebrate my victories, no matter how small. She really gave me the support and education I needed to make this work. Thank you Holly!!!

I used to be a gym rat, but I have found that I always had a million excuses for not going to the gym (and was throwing money away!). So after starting the program, I invested in a few key pieces of equipment (Thank you Craig’s List!!!). I bought a used treadmill, a few hand weights, a freestanding  boxing bag and purple boxing gloves (you can be girly and still beat something up!). While I enjoy running, I have come to LOVE boxing. It’s a total body workout, cardio and stress reliever all rolled into one. And if I’ve had a particularly bad day throwing in a few side-kicks is a great for the abs. I like to run, but being overweight I couldn’t run for very long or very fast. However, about a month ago I was able to run a ten minute mile! I haven’t been able to do that since high school and that was definitely a while ago. As I was gaining weight in the past, I was pulling clothes out of my closet and putting them in a box. Now that I’m getting smaller, I can open that box and see what I can fit back into. I love it, it gives me the confidence boost I need, it feels like Christmas!

Being on a Low Carb Diet, I thought pasta was gone for good, which didn’t make me very happy. But one of my GreenLite packets listed Shirataki Noodles as a safe option for the program. I wasn’t crazy about the “rubbery” description, so I asked Holly what they were like and she gave me some great ideas of how I could use them. Here is my recipe for what my husband calls “Italian Stir-fry”.

From prep to eating takes about 30 min.



2 Packets of Fettuccini shaped Shirataki noodles (found these at Sprouts)

1 Pack of Jennie-O sweet Italian sausage

4 small zucchini’s

2 cups Broccoli tops

1 cup onions

1 cup of mushrooms

1 Tbs. Olive oil or cooking spray

1 Jar of pasta sauce (I look for the one with the lowest amount of sugar per serving)


  • For this dish we’ll use one large frying pan (you should wipe this out after you cook the sausages).
  • Wash the zucchini but leave the skin on, cut them in half lengthwise then cut into slices. I use the pre washed and pre cut mushrooms but if you get the whole mushrooms wash and slice how you like same with the onion. Wash and cut the broccoli tops so they are in bite size pieces. Set the veggies on the side.
  • Drain your noodles and rinse them well (do not smell them before you cook them, it’s not pleasant)
  • Before cooking the sausage I remove the casings and put them in the frying pan. As they cook break them up into smaller pieces. To remove the liquid from the sausage, on my counter I put down multiple layers of news paper (the sports section will work perfectly) then put multiple sheets of paper towels. Once the sausage is cooked through carefully put the sausage on the paper towel. Making sure the news paper doesn’t touch the meat, tightly roll everything up. With your hands press down on the roll to get the access water and/or grease out, put this in a bowl and set aside.
  • While cooking you veggies boil a pan of water and just before you turn off your veggies par-boil your noodles. Use the directions on the package.
  • In your frying pan add the olive oil or cooking spray and first add the mushrooms and onion let these cook until the onion is slightly translucent then add the rest of your veggies until the broccoli is a bright green or until desired texture.
  • In a serving bowl place your noodles add ¾ cup of veggies (this is 1 ½ carb exchanges) and 2 to 3 ounces of meat, depending on the serving size and the amount of sugar I’ll use about a ¼ cup of pasta sauce. Put the bowl in the micro wave just long enough to heat the sauce and the meat. Enjoy!

A tip for the kids: cook the veggies and put them in a blender with the pasta sauce and give it a whirl!

*Actual Results May Vary

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