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Benefits of running include weight-loss, stress relief, heart health, and strengthened joints.  Running is such an impactful workout that you may burn calories even after you finish running.  Running can be done without equipment, just about anywhere, and anytime.  With so many associated advantages and benefits, who does not want to go for a run?  If you are a newbie, below are a few answers to your running questions.

What type of shoes should I wear?  Be sure to pick shoes that are comfortable, fit properly, and has a cushion.  If you have questions about what shoes to purchase, go to a shoe store and have an expert help you find a shoe to meet your running needs.  Note for women: having a supportive sports bra that is made of wicking material is important, too.

How fast should I be running?  When you first start running, you will probably feel out of breath.  Once your cardiovascular strength has increased, a good rule of thumb is that you should be able to hold a conversation while you are running.  Do not overdo it when you first start just to reach your weight-loss goal faster.  You may end up injuring yourself.  Once or twice a week, you may go for a run at a faster pace and holding a conversation may be a little more difficult.

Does what I eat impact my run?  Eating a healthy and balanced diet is important when adjusting to the demands of physical activity.  If you are on a weight-loss program with GreenLite Medicine, then you are already eating a high-protein diet and real food.  Your body needs fuel for daily functions and even more so when you are working out on a regular basis.

Treadmill or outside: Which is better?  Run inside or out.  Run wherever you can safely run.  This is really personal preference.  Treadmills lack the scenery that the outside has to offer, but treadmills offer a consistent surface that reduces the risk of injury.  Treadmills are also helpful when transitioning into new distances and speeds.  Treadmills tend to be a great complement to outdoor running especially when weather conditions are harsh but could be used exclusively.

What is the best way to prevent injury or soreness?  Everything from eating a healthy diet to warming up and cooling down before and after your run helps prevent injury and soreness.  It is also important to include strength training into your regime.  Gradually increasing your distance and speed plays a role in injury prevention, too.


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