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385713_10151631330895596_2051710882_nHow often have we started a weight loss plan only to fail ourselves in some way or another?

For some reason or another we just do not live up to our own high expectations of changing unwanted behaviors which have contributed to being overweight and unhappy about ourselves. We are disappointed and feel doomed. So how do we pull ourselves back up and regain our empowerment again?

I’ve said this many times before but this time I will say it in a slightly different way. Sincerely decide once and for all, to learn from your mistakes. The key word is really decide you will learn and then change! Take real hard core ACTION! 

If you mindlessly say “yeah, I learned” when you really haven’t, you are setting yourself up all over again to fail. So-called failures are really learning experiences to examine the actual behavior. Problems can be resolved when you find an effective strategy once and for all.

So many times we place our trust in a wrong source (fad diets) or might fail to really pay attention to the details which contribute to progress. So find the real cause of the setback and take the initiative to finally change the same old safe, familiar and even comfortable behavior pattern which keeps setting you back. Seek a professional in the field if necessary. It’s OK to ask for help. Just don’t forget to look at all the right things you have done and do what works for you (as long as its healthy).

This next step of recovering from setbacks and motivating yourself involves “letting go” and not stepping into more gloom and doom when you make a dieting mistake. Sometimes our human mistakes literally hold us in a real negative way of thinking which can keep us from finding the more positive healthy habit of learning from mistakes which I discussed the other day. And sometimes letting go is not merely letting go of the mistake, it also means letting go of your way of doing things which you may think really works for you.

No matter what, avoid intense “controlling thinking” when you blow it. All it does is make you feel worse about yourself and literally drains you of the needed energy to find the real solutions you need to work at your weight loss in a more positive way.

And as the saying goes, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results!” It really does come down to some deep problem solving and refection which contributes to success in weight loss. (Please review the link above which puts the whole issue of “letting go” in a much clearer perspective.) Get rid of the baggage and find the real solutions you are seeking to your challenges.

Written by Elaine, nutritionist and Greenlite Health Educator.

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