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Weight-loss doctors agree that one of the common threads among people maintaining successful, long-term healthy lifestyles is that they are always looking for new ways to get physical activity.  The best workout is the workout you actually enjoy doing, so it is always advantageous to try something that is fun and gets your heart pumping.  Rebounding checks both of those boxes.

What is Rebounding? Rebounding is bouncing on a mini-trampoline.  However, this should not be confused with your childhood trampoline memories.  While still as fun, rebounding is more about performing small, controlled movements than about how high or fancy of a jump you can achieve.

Health Benefits: Like other forms of cardiovascular exercise, the health benefits associated with rebounding are numerous.  Rebounding improves coordination, boosts the immune system, increases energy, and helps lower cholesterol levels.  In addition, rebounding improves muscle tone, enhances coordination and balance, and helps reduce stress.  Rebounding also burns an impressive 210 calories for every 30 minutes of trampoline fun.

Positive Impacts: Rebounding is also considered a zero impact exercise, which means that it has little to no negative impact on your joints.  For example, walking is considered to have a low impact on your joints, while running or jogging is considered to have a high impact on your joints.  The added bonus to low impact exercise is that you are getting many of the benefits of high impact exercise without the potential wear and tear on your body.

Make it a Family Affair: Another perk of rebounding is that you can get the family involved.  If you are focusing on helping your kids make healthier choices, rebounding is a fun way to get them active.  Consider having challenges between you and your kids.  Or, if you would prefer to make rebounding your private time, let the kids challenge each other.  They may not even realize they are working out, but you will still be instilling the importance of combining fun and physical activity.

Getting Started: To get started, all you need is a trampoline and athletic shoes.  Mini-trampolines range from $40 to $100.  They come in several variations, too.  There are mini-trampolines that are foldable for easy storage.  Some are equipped with removable balancing bars.  There are even mini-trampolines that have attached resistance bands and monitors for recording time, calories burned, and total jumps.  Many come with DVD’s, but you can find a million rebounding workouts on YouTube or iTunes.  Find what works for your price range and fitness level and get jumping!  Remember to always check with your weight-loss doctor if you have any questions about starting a new exercise regiment.

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