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Real Weightloss Story | Surai J.

Surai J. 

Age: 43 years old

Start Weight: 190 lbs

End Weight: 159 lbs*

Weight Lost: 31 lbs*

Biggest Life Change: Not as tired, spending less time in bed

Most Mindful Tip: Use smaller plates and bowls

I have Type II diabetes and weighed 204 pounds after giving birth to my second child. My primary care physician was adamant that I lose weight and do so quickly given my family history of heart disease and early heart failure.

I started the Greenlite Medicine program on December 6, 2009, and from the moment I arrived, the Greenlite staff members were completely focused on and dedicated to ensuring my weight-loss success; and by February 16, 2011, I had lost a total of 25 pounds.* My favorite staff members are Maria, Elaine and Dr. Rugh. Unlike my previous experience with nutritionists (18 months of weekly appointments prior to Greenlite), I looked forward to my weekly appointments.

I met with Dr. Rugh during my first visit. She really took the time to understand and asked questions specific to my concerns and my history. There were of course the standard forms and questions to fill out but Dr. Rugh seemed to genuinely want to know what made me tick and made recommendations specific to my preferences. Other places talk the talk about how they “customize” their treatment plans, but after my first visit with Dr. Rugh, I felt confident that Greenlite would treat me as an individual and not just a number.

Within a month or so on the Greenlite treatment plan, I experienced a major change, one that I’ve never experienced before. I had a new sensation every time I sat down to eat. That sensation was a feeling of not wanting to clear my plate. Since childhood, I’ve always cleared my plate and eating seconds or thirds was almost a daily habit. My appetite had shrunk to the point where I didn’t have to force myself to stop eating. I would, without feeling deprived, just voluntarily push my plate away. I am so grateful to have reached this milestone in my life.

Another major change is that I am more aware about my level of energy and stress. I now rest rather than push through my exhaustion. I’ve come to realize that resting plays a major role in restoring my mood and keeps me from overeating. I used to overeat when I felt fatigued and used this feeling to rationalize my indulging in food.

My workout regimen consists of working out four to five times a week, where I enjoy taking group exercise classes, running and swimming. I also discovered the value of strength training; and in just one month, I gained five pounds of lean body mass and lost five pounds of body fat by taking classes at the Bar Method studio. I also enjoy Zumba and other forms of fitness dance and will be getting certified as an instructor in March. And after the weight loss and feeling more confident about my fitness, I am eager to resume scuba diving, another activity that I gave up when I gained weight. My favorite places to travel are: Paris, NYC, Fiji, Half Moon Bay, and Santa Cruz (my local sanctuary).

*Actual Results May Vary

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