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Real Weight Loss Story | Margret B.

Margret B. 

Age: 57 years old

Start Weight: 173 lbs

End Weight: 140 lbs*

Weight Lost: 32 lbs*

Biggest Life Change: Not as tired, spending less time in bed

Most Mindful Tip: Use smaller plates and bowls

“I gained approximately 60 pounds because of menopause, which made me feel constantly tired and caused weight gain that seemed out of my control. None of the “diets” I tried were successful and I was heading to a size 18. I first met Dr. Sooji Rugh in my business network group and decided to try the GreenLite program, I had nothing to lose…except weight!!!

I started the GreenLite weight loss program sometime in May 2010. Initially, I met with several health educators before choosing Rochelle for my weekly visits. When Rochelle moved on to get married I began to have my visits with Holly, who I still see  occasionally while on the maintenance program. Every health educator I’ve encountered has been a pleasure to work with; I truly felt educated about nutrition and always felt supported when I was going through tough times. I’m glad I was able to speak with the educators every week, their presence and guidance was a big part of my success. I also loved the fact that if I had a question mid week I was able to call or email GreenLite and receive a response promptly. Everyone at GreenLite has been supportive as they truly understand the process both fundamentally and emotionally. Even staff members that aren’t Health Educators or Medical Providers, like Zoe who is the front desk receptionist, made my clinic visits special.

I choose to sign up with GreenLite Medicine for several reasons: Primarily, I had met Dr. Sooji Rugh beforehand and heard her speak about weight loss. She was very educated on the areas of weight loss, nutrition, and positive lifestyle changes, therefore, her knowledge encouraged me to join the program. Also, I knew several people who had tried the program and they were successful with their weight loss. Seeing their success and confidence only solidified my reason to join the program. I was tired of trying to lose the weight myself and never accomplishing anything; in fact, I always seemed to gain weight rather than lose! I knew I had to something different in order to reach my weight loss goals and create a healthier image for myself.

During the weight loss phase I didn’t work out much. I walked and did some stretches but nothing real rigorous. However, once I transitioned into the maintenance program that changed. I now do a walk/run program for 45 minutes a day using a heart monitor to stay at 70% of maximum heart rate, and I follow this by stretching for 10 minutes a day. I’m in the process of returning to Gold’s Gym and hiring a personal trainer to help me with a weight training program. My goal is to gain four pounds of muscle to help with my maintenance program and to assist in stabilizing my weight.

One of the biggest changes since joining GreenLite is that I’m not as tired and as a result I spend less time in bed. I now have more hours in the day to enjoy for myself or to work on my projects. This is a huge adjustment in my daily routine, since before all I ever wanted to do is lie down. Now, people comment and notice my surge of energy, which makes me feel as though I’ve been given a whole new lease on life!

Learning about nutrition and weight loss through the course of the program encouraged me to become a total tracker of low carbs and low/non-sugar products, to the extent that I’ve written a book of online resources for these products! Once the book is completed, it will be uploaded to a website and readers will be able to buy and download it as an eBook. Finding healthy alternatives to the high carb/sugar products, that I used to eat, has become a passion. I feel good about all the people that I’ve passed my website link information on to and I look forward to doing more of this in the future. I no longer see this program as a “diet,” but as a lifestyle change that is healthy, enjoyable and sustainable.

GreenLite has taught me the “tricks of the trade” for a sucessful weight loss regimen. I now use smaller plates and bowls and I always make sure I have a snack with me, which helps increase my metabolism and eliminates any hunger pains I may feel. One of my favorite brands is Barleans, I love all of the Omega Swirl products offered, and they are perfect on yogurt, salads or straight on a spoon!”

*Actual Results May Vary

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