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Real Weight Loss Story | Jeff R.

Jeff R. 

Age: 45 years old

Start Weight: 216 lbs

End Weight: 162 lbs*

Weight Lost: 54 lbs*

Biggest Life Change: Able to swim with his kids

Most Mindful Tip: Sampling new cuisines to stay on program

I was slim throughout my young life until about the age of 25. At that time I began to gain a little weight year after year, my pants and shirt sizes gradually increased. I tried various weight loss methods to lose the extra weight, but nothing seemed to work to drop a significant amount of weight or to keep it off. When I reached the age of 40 I realized I was about 50 lbs overweight. I was finally told by my GP that my cholesterol and blood pressure were too high and that without significant weight loss, I would face some serious health problems in my future.

When I had finally had enough of my increasing weight, I did some online research on medically supervised weight loss centers, and I liked the idea of being overseen by medical experts. I contacted a couple of centers, including Greenlite, but the feedback I read and my preliminary discussions with the staff confirmed that Greenlite was the place for me. They demonstrated very solid results, were friendly and encouraging and had a very knowledgeable team, many of whom have struggled with their own weight.

I began GreenLite shortly after Thanksgiving of 2010 and originally set a weight loss goal of 32 lbs* – which seemed like a huge number at the time. I was hopeful but apprehensive about my ability to make it work. The amount of food I was assigned to eat everyday seemed drastically less than what I was used to eating, I couldn’t imagine how I could possibly endure it. Surprisingly, however, with the help I received from Greenlite and my health educator Molly, I was able to incorporate the program into my life without feeling deprived or overly hungry.

When I started tracking what I was eating, I was amazed at how much extra food I had been consuming. I gradually got into a rhythm with the diet, and as the weight started to come off, I was increasingly motivated to keep losing. I didn’t really experience cravings for carbs and found that I enjoyed eating more fish and poultry than I had been eating previously.

Once my clothes started to feel too big, and other people began to notice my weight loss, I didn’t want to stop until I returned to the weight I was at when I was 25 years old, which meant an additional loss of about 20 lbs. Fortunately, I felt this was not only possible, but would be relatively easy since I was enjoying the food and seeing real results. Eventually I ended up losing 52 lbs* after only six months on the program. I feel great! I feel younger and more confident than I have felt in years, and I have an entirely new wardrobe!

I am particularly excited about using the skills I have learned at Greenlite to continue on as a lifestyle change, rather than a temporary weight loss program. I truly enjoy the lean protein I have been eating, especially the seafood, and I appreciate its health benefits. I also have no cravings for any of the complex carbs I used to eat. I am completely aware of what I consume, and I realize how much sugar was in my “old” diet. When I think about the negative effects of those foods, I am especially motivated to stick to my healthier diet.

I enjoy traveling, which I thought would be especially difficult on the program. While it is certainly isn’t easy to stick to a rigid diet while on vacation, I have found that seeking out healthy restaurants and foods, actually adds to the travel experience by encouraging the sampling of new cuisines. I also found that even if I did deviate from the diet while on a vacation, all of the extra activity really helps to offset the additional calories. On a recent trip to New York, my wife and I experienced some of the best restaurants in the city. I never felt deprived or like I was missing out but didn’t eat completely “perfect “ either. After nine days on vacation, I ended up only putting on a half of a pound, which I was able to quickly take back off when I returned home. That demonstrated to me that it is possible to eat well without being perfect but still maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Now that summer has finally arrived, I am really looking forward to going swimming with my kids. I haven’t been swimming with them in years because I was too self-conscious about my body. This year, we’ll all have some fun in the pool!

*Actual Results May Vary

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