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Icelebration-315079_640f you are reading this, then you have already taken a step toward losing weight and empowering yourself. You have made a promise to yourself and are on the path to a healthier you. The holidays can be challenging for everyone with a newly adopted diet plan, but a little preparation and some mindful eating tips will go a long way.

Just because you are eating healthier foods does not mean you cannot enjoy the day. It is important to prepare and arm yourself for different situations to avoid pitfalls. Luckily, our helpful tips have you covered!

Scenario #1: You are hosting Thanksgiving

This is the best-case scenario for Thanksgiving, since you mainly control the menu. You can decide what food is cooked, the ingredients, and can make healthy modifications to family classics. If you need help getting started, pick-up “A GreenLite-friendly Thanksgiving” packet next time you are in the office. We have prepared some alternatives including stuffing, gravy, mash, pie, and more. Or, you can be creative, and come up with your own Greenlite-friendly dishes. Now would be a great time to really put herbs and spices to good use to liven things up. This year, consider starting a new tradition of serving only healthy dishes and using food as fuel – not as a recreation. Need more ideas? Scan the Greenlite recipe page, get creative with side dishes, or try a food from a different ethnic group. The possibilities that are diet-plan-friendly are endless.

If you decide to serve food not compatible with your diet plan, stock up on to-go containers. Pack up all the Greenlite-unfriendly food, and give them to your guests as they leave. The last thing you need is leftover apple pie staring at you. Eliminate the temptations, and set yourself up for success.

Scenario #2: You are someone’s guest for Thanksgiving

This can be a little trickier. First, ask the host if they would like you to bring a vegetable side dish. If you can bring one, great. You know that at least you will have a vegetable and lean turkey to enjoy. If you tend to be a grazer or a mindless eater, make sure to eat before you leave. Arriving on a full stomach will not only prevent unhealthy appetizer temptations but will allow you to spend more time socializing with friends and loved ones. Win-win!

Scenario #3: Someone makes a comment about what you are (or aren’t) eating

We all have certain family members or friends that will comment on our meals, weight, etc. We cannot control them, but we can control how we respond. If you anticipate this, it is wise to have a comment prepared.

If you are someone who feels comfortable sharing your new diet plan and healthy eating changes, by all means spread the good word. However, you may not feel comfortable talking about your weight and diet. That is OK, too! Remember, this is your journey, and you need to do what is right for you. Have a prepared answer that focuses on you, such as, “I’ve made a commitment to eat healthier” or “I feel great when I focus on protein and vegetables.” Think about an answer you would feel comfortable with, and do not be afraid to use it!

We all definitely understand the temptations with Thanksgiving meals, but your journey with weight loss has been as incredible commitment that trumps this one day. Instead of splurging, focus in on the foods you can eat and enjoy those, rather than dwell on the dishes that are not part of the GreenLite program. And after all the feasting is over, think of how proud and accomplished you’ll feel afterwards.

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