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Cottage cheese and saladMany people who are new to a high-protein diet plan have a limited recipe box when it comes to very lean protein.  Most people think eggs when they think of protein.  But, there is a whole world of very lean protein just waiting to be tried!  Get creative, and mix up your diet plan routine with our ideas below.

Edamame: Edamame, the snack that has become popular in sushi restaurants, is actually a soybean that has not yet reached maturity.  One unit size of shelled edamame (1/2 cup) contains approximately 9 grams of protein.  You can find them in the freezer section or sometimes in the fresh produce section of the grocery store.

Ostrich: Ostrich is the game meat that packs a big protein punch.  One unit size (1 ounce) contains approximately 7 grams of protein.  Ostrich is great grilled or baked as a main course.  Or, try topping a green salad with sliced ostrich for the perfect lunch to keep you full all day.

Cottage cheese: Fat-free cottage cheese tastes like an indulgence, but it is a great source of lean protein.  One unit size of cottage cheese (1/4 cup) contains approximately 7 grams of protein.  Other than the more typical preparations, like adding fruit, cottage cheese can be used in creative ways.  If you were a mayonnaise lover before going on the GreenLite diet plan, try cottage cheese as a substitute in “sandwich” roll-ups or mixed with tuna fish.  Another option is using cottage cheese in place of mozzarella in a Caprese salad.

2% Greek Yogurt: An 8-ounce serving of yogurt contains almost 8 grams of protein.  Greek yogurt contains 10 grams of protein in a 5.3-ounce serving.  Make this a fun snack and pair your yogurt with nuts or fruit.  You can find protein in other dairy foods, such as goat cheese and cheddar cheese as well.

Tried and True Very Lean Protein Choices:

White meat poultry: we all have chicken and turkey regularly.  Why not mix it up with Cornish game hen?  Fish-wise, cod, haddock, and halibut are typical go-to choices.  But, don’t forget about lox!  Shellfish: Clams, crab, and lobster are the most common seafood counter purchases.  Try throwing in an occasional oyster buy to your shellfish routine.  Oysters are also a great choice if you are dining out.

Always remember that cooking preparation is key to keeping it lean on the GreenLite Medicine diet plan.  Baking, steaming, grilling, and broiling are always your best choices.


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