Once you have achieved your weight loss goals, we want to support your efforts to keep it off. No matter what program or self initiated efforts gets you to your weight loss goals, the maintenance effort is required to keep the weight off. If there is no maintenance support, the weight creeps back as the old lifestyle habits also creep back.

Many studies show that it takes about 2 years to keep a habit sustainable. The National Weight Control Registry, http://www.nwcr.ws/Research/default.htm, results share some of the habits of the successful losers, who on average has lost 66 lbs and kept it off for 5.5 years. This is where the new lifestyle habits need to be nurtured so they are engrained as part of your belief system and mindset. It begins during your acute weight loss journey but needs attention throughout your life. Like brushing your teeth, certain habits need to be in place to maintain good health.

You’ve made an investment to lose the weight. Complete the task, invest in your success and the maintenance of your weight.

You can select from the following Maintanence program plans:
– A La Carte: Schedule your appointments as needed
– 6 month plan
Self monitoring is an important part of maintaining your weight. The National Weight Control Registry results show that 75% weigh themselves at least once a week. Other studies also suggest that those who weighed daily (in maintenance phase) maybe more likely to maintain their weight to those who only weighed weekly.

We recommend that our maintanence clients buy a Body Trace scale, http://www.bodytrace.com/product.html, as a way to help self monitor and provide feedback. In addition to the daily weight seen when you step on a scale, you can follow your weight over time in a nice graphic to see trends over time. With the client’s permission, the data from the scale can be also be shared with Greenlite, providing additional maintenance support and accountability.