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What’s the resounding complaint we hear most often from clients when they’re on a low-carb diet?

“I miss dessert!”

Hold your horses there, friends. Because we may have found a solution. We tried a few Enlightened ice cream bars several months back, but like all good researchers, we needed to do more “testing” (i.e., eating!).

So at a recent staff meeting, we passed around a few boxes of these treats. You know, just to make sure we hadn’t missed anything. 

The overwhelming verdict?

They pass the GreenLite test – and then some.

At about 70 calories a pop, the Enlightened bars have a super healthy profile; the fudge bar, for example, looks like this:

  • 70 calories
  • 2 g fat
  • 9g net carbohydrates (remember, net carbs is total carbs minus the fiber)
  • 8 g protein

You’d think that a dessert with that type of nutritional profile wouldn’t taste that great, but we were all pretty surprised at how good they were. Here are some of the pros and cons that the GreenLite staff reported:


  • Fairly healthy ingredients (non-GMO, natural flavors, etc.)
  • Rich and creamy taste
  • Satisfies hunger and protein keeps you from wanting another one
  • Convenience factor
  • Availability (sold at Whole Foods, Sprouts, and some other major retailers)


  • For some people, forming a habit of having dessert could be a slippery slope, and these might make it easier!
  • Some people thought the texture was a bit chalky (probably due to the milk protein isolate)
  • Potential for a slight aftertaste

The boxes cost about $7 for a box of 4 bars – not the cheapest dessert, but worth it for when you need a low-carb treat.

Plus, we happen to have a whole stack of COUPONS exclusively for GreenLite clients that offer $2 off a box. Pick yours up the next time you’re in the office! 

To learn more about Enlightened products, make sure to check out their website here: http://www.eatenlightened.com/








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