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After you have selected goals to start working towards before the new year, the next step is to implement a plan to stay on track.  Saying to yourself “My goal is weight-loss” is great, but “My goal is weight-loss, and this is my plan to do it” is action-oriented.  Sticking with a new healthy lifestyle can be difficult, so it is vital that you utilize a solid strategy to help you while you are developing new habits.  Below are five tips that will help you get into action!

Do not wait: A major key to successfully executing a resolution is selecting one that is truly important to you.  If you know that there are habits you can change in order to achieve an overall better quality of life, such as weight-loss, there is no need to wait.  Putting things off is the first way to not accomplish a goal.  Actively pursuing a goal is the first step to success.

Focus on progress: While many focus on perfection, some forget the importance of progress.  For example, if you have the resolution to run three days a week but only run two days out of the week, you can use that information to track progress.  Tracking progress could help motivate you to reach your goal the next week.

Accountability: Having accountability partners helps keep you on track.  Consider getting your friends, co-workers, and family in on the action.  If you have the support of people surrounding you, you are more likely to keep up with new behaviors.  This can be beneficial for families and work environments, because holding one another accountable helps strengthen and build relationships.

Keep it on your mind: Keep your resolution at the top of your mind.  Consider leaving yourself notes or phone reminders about your goal.  Schedule time to work toward your goal, and put it on your calendar.  Otherwise, it may get lost in the stress and chaos of the day.

Make new changes a habit: Work toward your goal with the mindset that you are developing new habits.  Making healthy changes for a small period of time has its benefits while you are engaging in that behavior.   However, it means very little if it does not become a part of your lifestyle.  A good way to transition a resolution into a habit is to continue to challenge yourself.  For example, making a resolution to try yoga is a great idea.  Challenging yourself to try a new yoga pose once a week may help you stay on track.  The practice of yoga has become a habit while trying a new pose has become a new goal.

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