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Romantic Sunset Runners

Written by Nancy Lepow-Marrone

The past few months I found myself lacking motivation to workout. I have found it harder and harder to get back into my daily routine, which usually consists of going to the gym a few days a week and hiking a couple days a week.  Most of the time, I found myself getting home from work and talking myself out of my daily workout with any excuse I could think of: “I’m exhausted, I need to do more laundry, my back hurts,” and the list continues.  As time passed, I found that I was becoming more and more creative with the excuses I used for not exercising; as a result I started to feel really bad about myself…What’s wrong with me? I always enjoyed working out, where did my fitness love connection go?

That night I was talking on the phone with my best friend and venting to her about how I have lost my motivation to exercise, ironically she was going through the same thing but was too embarrassed to tell me.  There is no better way to be held accountable than by working out with someone else, so by the end of the phone conversation we made a commitment to one another that we would workout together the next day. I was really determined to get started again, so I made sure I brought my workout clothes to work with me to avoid any risk of getting home and finding an excuse to sabotage my workout.

After our scheduled workout I felt excellent, and actually to be honest it was a heartwarming and enjoyable experience. We were able to chat about our obstacles, teach each other new exercises, push ourselves to stay 15 minutes longer then we planned to, it was great and felt great.  It was clear that our fitness levels were different but it didn’t matter, we were working out again!  I think the best thing about our workout was that we were able to spend time together; which our schedules usually don’t allow, and we had a chance to gossip and catch up for the week.  When we finished we decided that we would make it a point to get together twice a week and so far so good.  We have also come up with some great workout routines together!

My husband has noticed how motivated I have become again and it actually has rubbed off on him.  The both of us have decided to hike at least twice a week together and we are going to focus on being more creative about where we hike, so that we don’t get bored with the same trail week over week. Mixing it up has really helped with our motivation to get out and get moving.  Not to mention, a beautiful hike coupled with a healthy meal makes a great V-day date!

I have to be honest, time flies by when I workout with my best friend or with my husband, and I’m actually having fun doing the workouts! I am no longer looking at my workouts as just another thing “I have to do.”  The time spent working out provides quality time together and we get to catch up on life while improving ourselves. So the solution to lacking motivation this month is to focus on loving your heart, figuratively and literally speaking! Jumping back into your routine not only gets you healthy, but it can rub off on others around you too!

NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!  Get out there and do something heartfelt for yourself, grab your sweetie, friend, or a relative and get back into getting that heart-pounding! It will make you and your workout partner feel better, both physically and mentally!!!


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