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GreenLite New Product Tuesdays


GreenLite Medicine Product Review Food SaverWhen living a healthy lifestyle and eating a healthy diet, one of the most vital keys to optimize continued success is preparation! Foremost, losing weight is about understanding your own strength and weaknesses when it comes your diet, and preparing yourself to tackle those weakness head on. Whether it’s portion control, that persistent sweet tooth or late night snacking, knowing your own pitfalls is the only way to overcome them. This week’s edition of New Product Tuesday brings you the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer, a tool that can help portion out and preserve your meals for the week ahead of time, and will help ensure your weight loss success by eating the right foods, in the right amounts. With the fast pace of the daily grind, it’s easy to rely on pantry staples, like breads and crackers to get your through the hectic work week. Getting in fresh produce and meat can be tricky if you aren’t prepared.  However, the FoodSaver vacuum sealer can make portion control and healthy eating as mindless as popping open that bag of chips, if you simply prepare yourself for the week ahead.


The FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer is a great invention that vacuum seals various types of food (both wet and dry) in order to preserve freshness 2-3 times longer and optimizes food for refrigerator and freezer storage. This tool can be extremely useful when preparing and consuming tons of fresh food (particularly meat and poultry) and while trying to watch the portion size of the food you consume. Like your mother always said, your eyes are hungrier than your stomach, and preparing your meals when you’re not hungry is a great way to ensure you are getting the right portions for weight loss (plus it takes about 30 minutes for your stomach to register “fullness”). Pre-packaging your meals will ensure that you’re eating the right portions of the healthiest foods, and the vacuum packed aspect of the FoodSaver will ensure that you’re getting the freshest tasting foods as well.

Here’s how it works: Food is placed in size appropriate, machine compatible plastic bags, with the open end placed into the food saver. The device then removes all remaining air from the bag and seals it shut, thereby preserving the food from any outside forces that may the food to spoil quickly.


Quality & Utility:

4/5 greenlite stars



A wide variety of sizes and brands of vacuum sealers exist on the market, however, “FoodSaver” is the go to brand for quality and durability. Their plastic “food saving” bags are sold in rolls that are BPA free. They are available in freezer and microwave varieties and come in pint, quart and gallon sizes. They also come in a variety of widths for various vacuum device sizes. Vacuum sealers are notorious for breaking easily and losing their “suction”, so it is important to invest in a good quality device, so you truly get what you pay for. It should also be noted that buying the device friendly bags can be a bit on the pricey side as well, but it is possible to reuse some of the bags, so keep that in mind when pre-packaging your food.


5/5 greenlite stars


There are numerous models of FoodSaver vacuum sealers through their website, however, various models are available from Amazon, as well as limited availability at Costco, WalMart, Macy’s and Bed, Bath & Beyond.


4/5 greenlite stars


The FoodSaver vacum sealer is an investment, that can end up saving you tons of money (and extra lbs) and reduce waste in the long run. The cost of the FoodSaver is dependent upon the model and size. The premium model retails for around $300 through the FoodSaver site, however the model available at Costco, goes for $159.99. The FoodSaver mini sells for $69.99. The more expensive models do come with various accessories (like a marinating tray and canning attachments) which add to their value, but the pricier models tend to last longer and are more durable than the lower end varieties, so find the right device that works best for you or your family’s needs.


FoodSaver is the perfect solution for portion control and optimum freshness. When cooking meat, fish or chicken for dinner simply cook up extra portions, pre-portion out servings for future meals and vacuum seal them for the rest of the week. While it may take up a bit of time after Sunday dinner, it can end up saving you more precious time when you’re running out the door in the middle of a hectic week. The FoodSaver is also a great solution for fruit that is just about to spoil. Simply cut it up, vacuum seal it, and put it in the freezer. The frozen fruit is perfect for smoothies and frozen blueberries add a great little “crunch” for the top of your cup of Greek Yogurt.
This tool is also a great solution for saving money and buying in bulk, just break down food items and vacuum seal in order to take advantage of great deals. You can do this with meats, fish, nuts, dried fruit, even cheese, pretty much anything! Vacum sealing prevents freezer burn and optimizes freshness, which will make the food taste great, when you do get around to eating it. The FoodSaver can also be used to prevent spoilage on raw vegetables, simply vacuum seal veggies that you may not get to for a few days and pop them in the fridge. Since the seasons are just changing, it would be a smart idea to buy fruit in bulk from the farmers market and stock up for winter! Also, buying fresh fruits and veggies from the farmers market (most likely picked that morning) will optimize the nutrients of the produce, if you freeze it the same day, you’ll give your body a nutrient dense treat when it may need it most in the middle of winter.
The bottom line- the FoodSaver keeps your food fresh for about 2-3x longer than if you didn’t use it and will definitely ensure weight loss success if you prepare yourself for the week ahead. Just be sure to read the manual and follow the step-by-step instructions for operation in order to minimize the frustrations that can come up when using complex devices such as these. It is important to keep in mind that vacuum sealing is not a complete substitute for refrigeration or freezing, perishable foods must still be refrigerated, frozen.


If anyone has any suggestions, ideas or inquiries for our New Product Tuesdays segment, please feel free to email us at products@greenlitemedicine.com

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  • Fiona

    Since vacuum sealer’s appeared in my kitchen, everything goes fresh as it always is. Great investment, I’d say!

  • Ebony Sherman

    I love my Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer. I use both the bags (mostly for freezer storage) and the mason jar attachments. Did you know they now have..I think it is 1/2 or 1 gallon mason jars. I put my excess flour (after it has spend time in the refrigerator) and sugar in them.

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