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GreenLite New Product Tuesdays

When on a low carb plan, who doesn’t feel a little nostalgic about certain sweets like muffins, cakes, or cookies!  Here at GreenLite are always on the search for delectable low carb options to replace our old favorites and keep us on track.

Finally, after a lot trial and error, we hit the jackpot in the muffin department. We found a great tasting low carb muffin that genuinely tastes and feels like a muffin!

Introducing the ThinSlim Foods Vanilla Muffins. Not only are these sweet little treats low carb and have no sugar, they are also delicious!


4/5 greenlite stars

Our entire team here at GreenLite sampled these Vanilla flavored muffins. It was unanimous – this muffin was like the real thing and it is sure to be a popular item. The muffins are super moist and have a texture of a pound cake with little or no aftertaste. Some of us considered the muffins to be a bit too sweet, but the overall opinion was that the taste was very good.

There are four small muffins in each ThinSlim Foods Vanilla Muffins package. The good news is that each one of these delectable muffins contain only 2 net carbs, 0g of sugar, and 8g of fiber. They also have 6g of protein!

The bad news is that we need to not indulge in too many of these muffins for two reasons:

1.) The sweetness comes from erythritol, a sugar alcohol which is not absorbed, so if you have more than one, you may notice some untoward gastrointestinal tract side effects i.e. (bloating, gas, and/or diarrhea). It may help you stay honest and just eat one!

2.) These items are sweet in taste, so it may psychologically trigger your desire for sweets, despite the fact that they do not physiologically act like sugar.  Even though they are substitutes, consider them a treat. Be mindful of the quantity and frequency so they can help you stay on track rather than derail your efforts.

ThinSlim Foods Vanilla Muffins cost $7.97 per pack. They come in a variety of muffin flavors including Blueberry and Chocolate Chip. Based on several online reviews, Vanilla seemed to be the most popular. ThinSlim Foods also offers Chocolate Brownies, which we plan to review in the future, so stay tuned!

To buy a pack or browse their entire product line, visit them here.

We’d love to hear your opinion so if you give them a try, please share your thoughts with the us!

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  • Jodi

    Wow! These sound great. It’s so nice to have a few healthier options when I need a sweet treat…or something to be able to have at a party and not feel left out!

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